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Crossword 1118 answers and explanations

1 FREEMASON Crafty member of fearsome organisation with new leader (9) 
Anagram of FEARSOME
6 STREW Scatter, having Republican leader in Wild West (5) 
Republican leader = R in anagram of WEST
9 LEPER Beat off backing for a pariah (5) 
Beat off = REPEL, backing = reversal indicator
10 FACE PACKS What the wolf hunter might have to do for cosmetic treatments (4,5) 
Double definition
11 THINNER Article about pub right for the less substantial (7) 
Article = THE inncluding pub = INN, right = R
12 UNLOOSE Liberate when tight? (7) 
Double definition
13 REDUCTION Introduce reform resulting in downsizing (9) 
Anagram of INTRODUCE
15 RISEN Having got up, rinse out (5) 
Anagram of RISEN
16 USURP Suss out reps in seconds to replace (5) 
Every second letter in sUsSoUtRePs
19 TALL ORDER God appears in story by raw beginner: The Big Ask (4,5) 
God = LORD, story = TALE, raw beginner = R
22 HOW COME Why is silly cow in residence? (3,4) 
Anagram of COW inside HOME
23 TONIGHT Got hint wrong later on but before tomorrow (7) 
Anagram of GOT HINT
25 NEUROLOGY You're long discombobulated by a medical study (9) 
Anagram of YOURE LONG
26 BATON Stick as one does if given not out (5) 
Allusion to cricket where one might continue to bat if not out
27 DODGE Sort of odd genetically engineered duck (5) 
Anagram of ODD + genetically engineered = GE
28 PLEASURES USA repels warped feelings of delight (9) 
Anagram of USA REPELS
1 FILET I felt uneasy with a slice of tenderloin (5) 
Anagram of I FELT
2 EMPTIED English politician drawn and exhausted (7) 
English = E, politician = MP, drawn = TIED
3 MORONIC Stupid redesign of room, not completely pleasant (7) 
Anagram of ROOM + NIC ("pleasant" = NICE)
4 SO FAR Couch appears on right at this point in time (2,3) 
Couch = SOFA, right = R
5 NOCTURNAL Working at night, bad rust is eliminated from nonstructural components (9) 
Anagram of NONSTRUCTURAL minus the letters in RUST
6 SUPPLER Vendor lost one becoming more flexible (7) 
Vendor = SUPPLIER, one = I
7 RECKONS Appearing as a bit of a wreck on show counts (7) 
Hidden word
8 WESTERNER Texan makes you and I less forgiving (9) 
you and I = WE, less forgiving = STERNER
13 ROUGHENED Bird covered in blusher at start of drag-show became coarser (9) 
Bird = HEN, blusher = ROUGE, start of drag=show = D
14 IN THE LOOP Clued up when caught by a lasso? (2,3,4) 
Double definition
17 UNWOUND Relaxed peacekeepers cause injuries (7) 
peacekeepers = UN, cause injuries = WOUND
18 PROMOTE Advertise pot more creatively (7) 
Anagram of POT MORE
20 OMNIBUS I'm on wrong coach? At least it is one (7) 
Anagram of IM ON + coach = BUS
21 DOG STAR Sirius follows sailor (3,4) 
follows = DOGS, sailor = TAR
23 THYME A herb for flavouring your old meat when half-gone (5) 
your old = THY, meat when half-gone = ME
24 TONGS Gripping productions show knight in swimming costume (5) 
knight = N (chess notation) in swimming costume = TOGS