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Crossword 1121 answers and explanations

1 STEAM See red vapour (5) 
Double definition
4 CAR SEAT A mobile item of furniture to haul around ocean (3,4) 
haul = CART, ocean = SEA
8 WEB PAGES Internet documents show a major oil company covered in swirling sewage (3,5) 
major oil company = BP inside anagram of SEWAGE
9 PLUMB Put pipes in to be sound? (5) 
Double definition
10 TOWNHOUSE "No," we shout stupidly, "it's in The Terrace residential development" (9) 
Anagram of NO WE SHOUT
11 ERIE It is a great lake but rather spooky I hear (4) 
Homophone of EERIE
12 GAROTTE Some planning a rotten way to kill (7) 
Hidden word
13 SPINET Virginal, showing firm resolve on introduction to temptation (6) 
firm resolve = SPINE, introduction to temptation = T
15 ABODES Sailor with pieces of poetry and homes (6) 
Seaman = AB, poems = ODES
17 GIBLETS Bit legs by mistake for internal organs (7) 
Anagram of BIT LEGS
19 ENVY Nil value initially announced yet we see resentment and desire (4) 
Homophone of NV
21 BRIC-A-BRAC Miscellaneous curios: briefs (50% off), can-opener, a lady's undergarment, clubs (4-1-4) 
briefs (50% off) = BRI, can opener = C, a lady's undergarment = BRA, clubs = C
23 NICER New frosting on roadtop is more acceptable (5) 
New = N, frosting = ICE, roadtop = R
24 TAKEAWAY Make a deduction for the hamburger (8) 
Double definition
25 SLAPPER Tart made with stewed apples recipe (7) 
Anagram of APPLES, recipe = R
26 THEFT There is little time to test the weight shoplifting (5) 
little time = T, test the weight = HEFT
1 SMELT Little fish join head of school and start to run (5) 
head of school = S, start to run = MELT
2 EMPOWERED Authorised with Ecstasy, we romped wildly (9) 
Ecstasy = E + anagram of WE ROMPED
3 MUG SHOT Police photo showing potter's creations when stolen (3,4) 
potter's creations = MUGS, stolen = HOT
4 COSTUME Arrive carrying tattered suit? Not I: it's a special outfit (7) 
Arrive = COME including anagram of SUIT minus the I
5 RAPIERS Bad repairs, not suitable for fencing these days (7) 
Anagram of REPAIRS
6 EXUDE Sweat seeing an old flame due for replacement (5) 
old flame = EX + anagram of DUE
7 TUBBINESS Bath business has rejected us for being fat (9) 
12 GO BANANAS Become mad as a bogan, somehow embracing the ultimate in fashion (2,7) 
Anagram of AS A BOGAN including N ("the ultimate in fashion")
14 INEBRIATE Drunk mixed a beer in it (9) 
Anagram of A BEER IN IT
16 SOBER UP To get over being drunk, weep convulsively and turn virginal (5,2) 
weep convulsively = = SOB, turn = reversal indicator, virginal = PURE
17 GLITTER The sparkle of general rubbish (7) 
general = G, rubbish = LITTER
18 BLANKET Wager about all skin and bones making the cover (7) 
Wager = BET, all skin and bones = LANK
20 YUCCA Accuracy goes up when vehicle has left plant (5) 
Reversal of ACCURACY minus CAR
22 COAST Move effortlessly around the shoreline (5) 
Double definition