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Crossword 1127 answers and explanations

4 AGELONG Mature sort of trousers, very durable apparently (7) 
Mature = AGE (verb), sort of trousers = LONG
6 HAMSTER The ram's running around a smaller animal (7) 
Anagram of THE RAMS
9 USHER Theatre director in America with that woman (5) 
America = US, that woman = HER
10 INTERBRED Rent bride out to be cross-fertilised (9) 
Anagram of RENT BRIDE
11 EVIDENT I would enter a happening, that's obvious (7) 
I would = ID, happening = EVENT
13 PALINGS Sapling chopped to make some fencing (7) 
Anagram of SAPLING
14 GRIN AND BEAR IT Stoically endure bad retraining at sea (4,3,4,2) 
18 RESUMES Begins again presenting curricula vitae (7) 
Double definition
20 YELLOWS Goes like an old book, slowly decomposing, about the origin of English (7) 
Anagram of SLOWLY including E ("origin of English")
22 HARD DRIVE Concrete road on private property, a place of many memories for the computer enthusiast (4,5) 
Concrete = HARD, road on private property = DRIVE
23 TENSE Nervous in future perhaps (5) 
Double definition
25 BRETONS Bronte novel beginning to show French people (7) 
Anagram of BRONTE + S ("beginning to show")
26 FAUX PAS Screw up fax as a boo-boo (4,3) 
Anagram of UP FAX AS
1 MESH Network to become engaged (4) 
Double definition
2 SOURCE Informant with cheek by ear (6) 
cheek = SAUCE, by ear = homophone indicator
3 UMBRELLA Label rum (rum!) as something useful in inclement weather (8) 
Anagram of LABEL RUM
4 ABUSED Seaman accustomed to being ill-treated (6) 
Seaman = AB, accustomed = USED
5 GLISTEN Government leader has to take heed and sparkle (7) 
Government leader = G, take heed = LISTEN
6 HOT UP Make it more exciting using hydrogen and oxygen on ram (3,2) 
hydrogen = H, oxygen = O, ram = TUP
7 TARANTINO Director shows corrupt nation art (9) 
Anagram of NATION ART
8 RIDES Fairground attractions in the Kalahari Desert (5) 
Hidden word
12 IN RESERVE River seen flowing and available when needed (2,7) 
Anagram of RIVER SEEN
15 NAMEDROP Pardon me somehow when I persist in mentioning celebrities I know (8) 
Anagram of PARDON ME
16 BAY LEAF A green in the ragout yet a reddish-brown colour on the page of the recipe book? (3,4) 
a reddish brown colour = BAY, page of the recipe book = LEAF
17 ASSESS Evaluate American bums beginning to stink (6) 
American bums = ASSES, beginning to stink = S
18 REHAB A herb used in brief therapeutic restoration (5) 
Anagram of A HERB
19 SAILS Maritime propulsion devices show an improvement, losing steam initially (5) 
First letters of ("initially") show an improvement losiing steam
21 LET-OUT Release the whole lot in France (3-3) 
24 NAPS Bridge turns over revealing piles (4) 
Bridge = SPAN