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Crossword 1128 answers and explanations

1 MODEST Humble ways, kind of square (6) 
ways = MODES, kind of square = T
4 INCOME Train comedians partly for financial gain (6) 
Hidden word, traIN COMEdians
9 REPRODUCE Multiply using an unusual procedure (9) 
Anagram of PROCEDURE
10 EDGED Advanced slowly when surrounded (5) 
Double definition
11 END UP Finish with wild nude political leader (3,2) 
Anagram of NUDE + political leader = P
12 TOLERABLE Average board adopts novel role (9) 
board = TABLE including anagram of ROLE
13 RIGHTEOUS Being saintly is tougher in a mess (9) 
Anagram of IS TOUGHER
16 YACHT Boat is back in the South Caymans (5) 
Hidden word backwards
17 SMELL The sense of polytonism Ella Fitzgerald exhibited (5) 
Hidden word
19 DISGUISES Cunning GIs issued camouflage clothing (9) 
Anagram of GIS ISSUED
21 ARTEFACTS Pretentiously creative truths I hear are man-made things (9) 
Homophone: pretentiously creative = ARTY, truths = FACTS
23 REARM Provide weapons again for a sort of admiral, male (5) 
sort of admiral = REAR, male = M
25 CREDO Company has introduced communist school of thought (5) 
Company = CO, communist = RED
26 ORANG-UTAN Tropical climber produces most of fruit aunt cooked (5-4) 
most of fruit = ORANG + anagram of AUNT
27 USEFUL American with novel fuel of value (6) 
American = US + anagram of FUEL
28 U-TURNS Reversals of payback by registered nurses (1-5) 
payback = UTU, registered nurses = RNS
1 MARKET RESEARCH Three carmakers go wrong determining consumer attitudes (6,8) 
2 DUPED Drill in faulty product is taken in (5) 
Drill = PE, faulty product = DUD
3 SHOT PUT Pot is problematical in close athletic competition (4,3) 
Anagram of POT inside SHUT ("close")
4 IDEALISTS Dreamers create catalogues of concepts (9) 
catalogues = LISTS, concept = IDEA
5 CLEARLY Quite obviously Carlyle is confused (7) 
Anagram of CARLYLE
6 MEGABUCKS Plenty of moolah for wild game, deer or rabbits, say (9) 
Anagram of GAME, deer or rabbits might be BUCKS
7 SUET Some pursue thinness but get fat (4) 
Hidden word
8 ADVERTISEMENTS Mad men test-drive as means of attracting attention (14) 
14 GREATNESS Sergeants surprisingly display excellence (9) 
Anagram of SERGEANTS
15 OLD-SCHOOL Traditionalist holds "cool" to be improper (3-6) 
Anagram of HOLDS COOL
18 LIFT OFF Upper class chap, following a short existence, gets start as an astronaut (4,3) 
Upper class chap = TOFF, short existence = LIF
20 UPRIGHT Virtuous snob housed in ramshackle hut (7) 
snob = PRIG inside anagram of HUT
22 SEAT Time under ocean is, in part, behind you going forward (4) 
Time = T, ocean =SEA
24 ASTIR Broadcast about way to get up and about (5) 
Broadcast = AIR, way = ST