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Crossword 1129 answers and explanations

1 AXIOM Some tax I omit as a basic principle (5) 
Hidden word
4 ALARMIST Scaremonger produces a catalogue of items about member (8) 
A catalogue = ALIST, member = ARM
8 HONDURAS Japanese cars circumnavigate ancient city somewhere in the Americas (8) 
Japanese cars = HONDAS, ancient city = UR
9 RATION Deserter and I working to get an allowance (6) 
Informer = RAT, one = I, working = ON
10 SEAPLANES They get to land on water to take a look at flats you say? (9) 
Homophone: look at = SEE, flats = PLAINS
11 RITE A wedding perhaps with a contribution from Kiri Te Kanawa (4) 
Hidden word
12 ANALYSE Do what Freud did, being – he reckoned – obsessively acquisitive? Yes unfortunately (7) 
obsessively acquisitive = ANAL + anagram of YES
14 LOOK AT See approval inside, a lot messier (4,2) 
approval = OK inside anagram of A LOT
15 RANCID Stinking rotten Icelander has thrown out eel (6) 
Anagram of ICELANDER minus letters in EEL
17 SPOTTED Distinguished by being less than immaculate (7) 
Double definition
19 KENO Some make nothing presenting bingo (4) 
Hidden word
20 MEALTIMES E-mails met with confusion for hours (9) 
Anagram of EMAILS MET
23 VERMIN After five you have to chop the tail of a winter-coated sort of weasel, a pernicious little creature (6) 
five = V, winter-coated sort of weasel = ERMINE
24 POP GROUP Father grows up directionless, forming a band (3,5) 
Father = POP, GROWS UP directionless (removing W and S) = GROUP
25 STAND OUT Excel, being solidly built also on the inside (5,3) 
solidly built = STOUT, also = AND
26 SUN-UP Boy heard awake at dawn (3-2) 
Homophone, boy = SUN, awake = UP
1 AEONS Immense periods of time as one goes nuts (5) 
Anagram of AS ONE
2 INDIA At home to help over for test side (5) 
At home = IN, help = AID, back = reversal indicator
3 MORALLY Missouri mass meeting showing respect for righteous principles (7) 
Missouri = MO, mass meating = RALLY
4 ABSENCE Seaman ruined scene not being there (7) 
Seaman = AB + anagram of SCENE
5 AEROSOL Spray in a looser arrangement (7) 
Anagram of A LOOSER
6 MOTORBOAT Bottom oar broken but one can use the propellor (9) 
Anagram of BOTTOM OAR
7 SHORTHAND Quick notes of an inadequate deal (9) 
inadequate = SHORT, deal = HAND
12 ABASEMENT An underlying structure for humiliation (9) 
An underlying structure = A BASEMENT
13 ANCHOR MAN A monarch managed by noon to become a leading TV presenter (6,3) 
Anagram of A MONARCH + noon = N
16 DOMINGO Wild dog eats up second famous tenor (7) 
Wild dog = DINGO, up = reversal indicator, second = MO
17 STAY PUT Don't move putty as replacement (4,3) 
Anagram of PUTTY AS
18 OCTOPUS Company turnover most superior: American makes a lot of suckers in the flesh here (7) 
Company turnover = OC, most superior = TOP, American = US
21 MORON Daydream about rightwing leader, a half-wit (5) 
Daydream = MOON, rightwing leader = R
22 STUMP What some feller left to baffle (5) 
Double definition