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Crossword 1130 answers and explanations

1 SCOOPER She wields a shovel as a successful journalist (7) 
Double definition
5 ADJOURN Retire a music mixer with your and my name (7) 
a music mixer = A DJ, your and mine = OUR, name = N
9 APPLY Implement rather like a Granny Smith? (5) 
Pun (of a sort)
10 PRESCIENT Prince set out to be far sighted (9) 
Anagram of PRINCE SET
11 LOSE HEART Be discouraged as hotels are demolished (4,5) 
Anagram of AS HOTELS ARE
12 ONSET Attack with broken stone (5) 
Anagram of STONE
13 POTATO Evenly presented sprouts act for a whole vegetable (6) 
Alternate letters in sPrOuTs AcT fOr
14 ORDAINED I, adorned weirdly, am invested with priestly functions (8) 
Anagram of I ADORNED
17 HOSTELRY Try holes for a change as an overnight lodging (8) 
Anagram of TRY HOLES
18 ELATED Told, having got rid of leader, to be pleased as Punch (6) 
21 ALPHA The first and the last letter in Thessalonika (5) 
Double definition
23 AFTERNOON One front collapses following a PM (9) 
Anagram of ONE FRONT following A
24 INTRICATE Complex makes one interact badly (9) 
Anagram of INTERACT
25 DUKES Some French going about Britain become peers (5) 
Some French = DES, Britain = (approximately) UK
26 GRISTLE Odd bits of garlic settle with ease, initially, in the tougher meat (7) 
Alternate letters in GaRlIc SeTtL + ease initially = E
27 MISERLY Mean to be left in despair (7) 
left = L inside MISERY ("despair")
1 SNARL-UP Run laps around a traffic jam (5-2) 
Anagram of RUN LAPS
2 OPPOSITES Work on posties possibly to create reputedly attractive couples (9) 
Work = OP + anagram of POSTIES
3 PSYCHOTHERAPIST He can make hipster chap's toy shrink (15) 
4 RIPSAW Woodcutter seen in trips away in the forest (6) 
Hidden word
5 APERTURE Primate with right to true perversion creates an opening (8) 
Primate = APE, right = R + anagram of TRUE
6 JACK-OF-ALL-TRADES Call sad joker fat, rudely? At least he's versatile (4-2-3-6) 
7 USERS Addicts exploit with devious ruses (5) 
Anagram of RUSES
8 NOTATED Isn't a little toy bear put on staff? (7) 
Isn't a = NOT A, little toy bear = TED
15 NETWORKER An industrious socialiser employed in the fishing industry? (9) 
Double definition
16 BREAKAGE The amount of damage done by stupid baker on birthday declaration (8) 
Anagram of BAKER + "birthday declaration" = AGE
17 HEARING A judicial investigation makes sense (7) 
Double definition
19 DYNASTY Dusty, having lost you finally, grabs any turnover to establish a foundation for people who succeed (7) 
DUSTY minus U ("you finally") including ANY backwards
20 STREAM Current master goes silly (6) 
Anagram of MASTER
22 PETRI Dish encouraging cultural growth used in the Indian rope trick (5) 
Hidden word