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Crossword 1131 answers and explanations

6 LOBSTER Gang member swaps moderate leader for liberal one producing some kai moana (7) 
Gang member = MOBSTER, moderate leader = M, liberal one = L
8 APEDOM A quiet fashion comes back in the world of primates (6) 
A quiet = AP, fashion = MODE, comes back = reversal indicator
9 UPMOST Well informed with the majority at the top (6) 
Well informed = UP, the majority = MOST
10 NOBILITY Peers as a group show a lack of skill, missing out on a first (8) 
a lack of skill = NO ABILITY, missing out on A first
11 FLOUNDER Flail about as establishment figure embraces Labour leader (8) 
establishment figure = FOUNDER, Labour leader = L
12 SEXTON Jottings returned about times for the gravedigger (6) 
Jottings = NOTES, returned = reversal indicator, times = X
13 UNDER THE WEATHER Crook: he threw a denture out (5,3,7) 
17 DRAPER Misguided padre really beginning to be a man of the cloth (6) 
Anagram of PADRE + really beginning = R
19 OPPOSITE Pet poo is distributed across the road (8) 
Anagram of PET POO IS
22 MOSQUITO Medical officers cease operations initially with a blood sucker (8) 
Medical officers = MOS, cease = QUIT, operations initially = O
23 SEEMLY Behold this millilitre of yttrium. It is quite decent (6) 
Behold this = SEE, millilitre = ML, yttrium = Y
24 BIDETS Offer set out for sanitary devices (6) 
Offer = BID + anagram of SET
25 MERCURY Messenger cooks me curry (7) 
Anagram of ME CURRY
1 ABSOLUTE Seamen love old musical accompaniment unmixed (8) 
Seamen = ABS, love = O, old musical accompaniment = LUTE
2 STATED Famous art gallery in South Dakota, so it's said (6) 
Famous art gallery = TATE, South Dakota initially = SD
3 LAMBASTE Thrash sheep in the manner of the heartless (8) 
sheep = LAMB, in the manner of = AS, the heartless = TE
4 REFLEX Mirrors, it is said, elicit an automatic response (6) 
Homophone: mirrors (verb) = REFLECTS
5 PORTHOLE Citizen of Warsaw absorbs Roth novel: "An Opening in Hull" (8) 
Citizen of Warsaw = POLE including anagram of ROTH
6 LAPEL The French friend comes back with just a piece of a coat (5) 
The French = LE, friend = PAL, comes back = reversal indicator
7 RUN TRUE TO FORM Perform as expected: return to forum in other words (3,4,2,4) 
14 NARCOTIC Company has managed turnover firstly, trading in cocaine initially and heroin perhaps (8) 
Company = CO, managed = RAN, turnover = reversal indicator, trading in cocaine initially = TIC
15 TARDIEST Sloppy tradies' team leader is the last to arrive (8) 
Anagram of TRADIES + team leader = T
16 TASTEFUL Unusual feat: slut appearing refined (8) 
Anagram of FEAT SLUT
18 PIQUED Stupid dupe takes a measure of mental ability to be offended (6) 
Anagram of DUPE including IQ
20 PASTRY Father's go at making dough (6) 
Father's = PAS, go = TRY
21 TALLY Correspond with friend under arrest finally (5) 
friend = ALLY, arrest finally = T