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Crossword 1132 answers and explanations

1 ROUGHED IT Lived with only the bare necessities and a slapdash pre-publication job (7,2) 
a slapdash pre-publication job = ROUGH EDIT
6 TYING Binding with tiny knot on pig's tail (5) 
Anagram of TINY + pig's tail = G
9 BROCADE New barcode required for fancy fabric (7) 
Anagram of BARCODE
10 AMNESIA A name is mistakenly forgotten? Here's the reason (7) 
Anagram of IS A NAME
11 SHIFT WORK What the moving crew do to be available 24 hours a day (5,4) 
Double definition
12 RADII Dimensions used by a spokesperson? (5) 
Cryptic definition
13 BONZA Great serpent eats Aotearoa (5) 
serpent = BOA, Aotearoa = NZ
14 SCOUNDREL Nasty cold nurse, one who treats people poorly (9) 
Anagram of COLD NURSE
16 WITHDRAWN Take money out of the bank before noon, being retired (9) 
Take money out of bank = WITHDRAW, noon = N
18 GAMES Some sport in Tauranga mesmerised (5) 
Hidden word
20 EUROS Use or otherwise display Continental notes (5) 
Anagram of USE OR
22 ABATEMENT A-team bent out of shape in reduced circumstances (9) 
Anagram of A TEAM BENT
25 OPOTIKI Work with heads of occupational therapy in Kai Iwi then in BOP (7) 
Acrostic: initial letters ("heads") of "occupational therapy ..."
26 OUTSTAY Owning up to still thinking about you initially when no longer welcome (7) 
Acrostic: initial letters ("heads") of "owning up still ..."
27 TATTY Cheap and tasteless part of my habitat, typically (5) 
Hidden word
28 GRANDIOSE Organised incompetently, appearing to be pretentious (9) 
Anagram of ORGANISED
1 REBUS A pictorial puzzle showing the Queen going back on public transport (5) 
the Queen going back = re, public transport = BUS
2 UTOPIAN Idealist cut piano arrangement when caught out (7) 
Anagram of CUT PIANO minus C ("caught out")
3 HEARTLAND Handle art clumsily where arterials meet in the country? (9) 
Anagram of HANDLE TEAM
4 DUE TO Attributable to Simon and Garfunkel perhaps and the orchestra leader (3,2) 
Simon and Garfunkel perhaps = DUET, orchestra leader = O
5 TRACK DOWN Find one part of the record on the blink (5,4) 
one part of the record = TRACK, on the blink = DOWN
6 TUNER Note: accuracy required from this worker when pulling strings (5) 
7 INSIDER Red is on the rise under fashionable person in the know (7) 
RED IS backwards ("on the rise:), fashionable = IN
8 GLADIOLUS Delighted with Louis represented as a flower (9) 
Delighted = GLAD + anagram of LOUIS
13 BAWLED OUT Severely censured about lewd composition (6,3) 
Anagram of ABOUT LEWD
14 SEAFARING Sing about England at a great distance when sailing (9) 
SING including England = E, at a great distance = AFAR
15 NEGLECTED National leader chosen to restrain force is ignored (9) 
National leader = N, chosen = ELECTED, force = G
17 TURF OUT Banish tutu for dancing (4,3) 
Anagram of TUTU FOR
19 MAESTRO A virtuoso at morse code (7) 
Anagram of AT MORSE
21 SPINY Spook goes around at home like a hedgehog (5) 
Spook = SPY, at home = IN
23 AROMA Smell almost completely amoral when rising (5) 
AMORA/L backwards
24 THYME A term in prison announced for a herb (5) 
Homophone: a term in prison = time