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Crossword 1134 answers and explanations

8 SEANCE A scene rescripted for a spirited encounter (6) 
Anagram of A SCENE
9 ICE CUBE Diamonds with copper and beryllium create a sort of block (3,4) 
diamonds = ICE, copper = CU, beryllium = BE
10 INTONED Chanted to make some point on education (7) 
Hidden word
11 FROSTY Disdainful host loses head when cook comes around (6) 
host loses head = OST inside FRY ("cook")
12 HEIGHT Henry VIII's stature? (6) 
Henry = H, VIII = EIGHT
13 ESCAPADE Flee, grabbing a Democrat for an exciting venture (8) 
flee = ESCAPE including A Democrat = D
15 TITLED Bird showed the way, being a member of the nobility (6) 
Bird = TIT, showed the way = LED
17 ADD-ONS Commercial academics appear as extras (3-3) 
Commercial = AD, academics = DONS
20 SPARKLER Firework destroyed two parts in new plasterwork (8) 
Anagram of PLASTERWORK minus letters in TWO
22 FETTLE Feel bad about hollow threat in a state of fitness (6) 
Anagram of FEEL around TT ("hollow threat")
23 WAGNER Composer takes bet about note (6) 
bet = WAGER, note = N
25 BINDERY Bookmaker's place in derby disconcerted (7) 
Anagram of IN DERBY
26 EVIDENT Plain unfinished video shown in otolaryngology (7) 
unfinished video = VIDE inside ENT ("otolaryngology")
27 SKINNY Accommodation for travellers in heaven is quite thin (6) 
INN inside SKY ("heaven")
1 RESIDENT Occupying republican leader decapitated (8) 
republican leader = PRESIDENT
2 INSTIGATOR Firebrand is rotating surprisingly (10) 
Anagram of IS ROTATING
3 PEANUT Ante up change for a goober (6) 
Anagram of ANTE UP
4 KINDRED Child hugs eccentric nerd: they are related (7) 
Child = KID around anagram of NERD
5 RED-FACED Embarrassed revolutionary encountered (3-5) 
revolutionary = RED, encountered = FACED
6 OUZO Some of you zombies drink (4) 
Hidden word
7 PELTED Covered in hair so hurled out (6) 
Double definition
14 PROSTHESIS Sister hops around to get peg leg (10) 
Anagram of SISTER HOPS
16 ENLARGED Demented general has daughter blown up (8) 
Anagram of GENERAL + D ("daughter")
18 SALLYING Setting forth to spill the beans about friend (8) 
spill the beans = SING, friend = ALLY
19 TRIBUTE Commendation for a Native American people around The Mormon State (7) 
a Native American people = TRIBE around UT ("the Mormon State")
21 PLANET Aircraft is on time to make Mars (6) 
Aircraft = PLANE, time = T
22 FINISH From Helsinki, disheartened but showing refinement (6) 
FINNISH minus central letter ("heart")
24 NAIL Sail, lose heading, take north instead and tack (4) 
Sail minus "heading" = AIL with N ("north") instead