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Crossword 1136 answers and explanations

5 SHAME Henry is in equivalent disgrace (5) 
Henry = H, equivalent = SAME
6 SLIPSHOD Skids on a bit of bricklayer's gear, being careless and sloppy (8) 
Skids = SLIPS on HOD ("a bit of bricklayer's gear")
9 HARPIST Plucky player disturbed parish before middle of meeting (7) 
Anagram of PARISH + middle of meeting = T
10 TRANCHE A portion of article about interior of France (7) 
article = THE, interior of France = RANC
11 SUMMERY A rundown I hear on the kind of weather we can expect in January (7) 
Homophone for SUMMARY (a rundown)
12 BOUDOIR Bishop with terrible odour embraces one in the bedroom (7) 
Bishop = B + anagram of ODOUR including I ("one")
13 INVESTIGATE I get natives organised to look into it (11) 
Anagram of I GET NATIVES
18 VETERAN An old hand, never at fault (7) 
Anagram of NEVER AT
20 FASHION Haute couture is out of place on a fish (7) 
Anagram of ON A FISH
22 ITALIAN European, one with a Latin disposition (7) 
one = I + anagram of A LATIN
24 ANCIENT Old worker eats nice stew (7) 
worker = ANT, eats = containment indicator, anagram of NICE
25 FRONTAGE Forget an alteration to a facade (8) 
Anagram of FORGET AN
26 RACED Commo grabbed power and stepped on it (5) 
Commo = RED, power = AC
1 HAERE MAI Here I am, a drunk greeting on the marae perhaps (5,3) 
Anagram of HERE I AM
2 REVISE Verse I compose and rewrite (6) 
Anagram of VERSE I
3 MIST Overlooked, it's reported, due to haziness (4) 
Homophone of MISSED ("Overlooked")
4 PONCHO Slip on choice sample garment (6) 
Hidden word
5 SCHIST Rock mollusc his teacher revealed (6) 
Hidden word
6 SET EYES ON See son, yet sick and spotted (3,4,2) 
Anagram of SEE SON YET
7 SPATULA Paul eats teaspoonful in South Africa with a kitchen implement (7) 
PAUL including T ("teaspoondful") inside SA ("South Africa")
8 WEIRD You and I join the tax department – very odd (5) 
You and I = WE, tax department = IRD
12 BRIEFCASE See fabric tailored into a bag (9) 
Anagram of SEE FABRIC
14 VERSION Endless piece of poetry, one on "interpretation" (7) 
Endless piece of poetry = VERS, one = I + ON
15 EVIDENCE Even dice can be thrown and stand in testimony (8) 
Anagram of EVEN DICE
16 AVOID Stay clear although there's nothing there (5) 
"there's nothing there" = A VOID
17 UNITED Combined in duet arrangement (6) 
Anagram of IN DUET
19 TEA URN How to provide a hot beverage for many, each in agreed order (3,3) 
each = EA, agreed order = TURN
21 SECURE Selenium remedy is safe (6) 
Selenium = SE, remedy = CURE
23 NEAR Close new cover on Listener (4) 
New = N, Listener = EAR