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Crossword 1137 answers and explanations

1 BARGE Push your way through to the counter then turn around, for instance (5) 
counter = BAR, turn around = reversal indicator, for instance = EG
4 SCHOOLKID A young student, I shock old characters (9) 
Anagram of I SHOCK OLD
9 SUSPEND Put us in to pay out and hang up (7) 
US inside payout = SPEND
10 NO CAN DO Canon to be composed anew before party? It's impossible (2,3,2) 
Anagram of CANON + party = DO
11 INDECENCY Home before time for Christmas with starters of English nut cutlets: yum! How rude it is! (9) 
Home = IN, time for Christmas = DEC + first letters ("starters") of English nut cutlets yum
12 RILED Annnoyed as one pound is put in wrong side of the ledger (5) 
one pound = IL, wrong side of ledger = RED
13 GUESS Reckon visitors have lost team leader (5) 
Visitors = guests, lost = subtraction indicator, team leader = T.
14 KNOWLEDGE Weeklong chaos around beginning of December brings wisdom (9) 
Anagram of WEEKLONG including D ("beginning of December")
16 OVERDRAWN Finished looking haggard, living on extended credit (9) 
Finished = OVER, looking haggard = DRAWN
18 U-TURN Recompense for Maori by Royal Navy results in an about-face (1-4) 
Recompense for Maori = UTU, Royal Navy = RN
21 JIBES Having foresail set mostly aback results in taunts (5) 
foresail = JIB, set mostly = SE, aback = reversal indicator
23 AMENDMENT The final word on Democratic chaps beginning to tremble for a change (9) 
The final word = AMEN, Democratic = D, chaps = MEN, beginning to tremble = T
25 CORTÈGE Get back into the central part of the procession (7) 
Get back = TEG, the central part = CORE
26 EARACHE He follows a race that's been fixed, a pain in the neck or rather nearby (7) 
Anagram of A RACE followed by HE
27 SNOOKERED OK, endorse changing in a tricky position (9) 
Anagram of OK ENDORSE
28 DARES Read misguidedly safety first applies to dangerous challenges (5) 
Anagram of READ, safety first = S
1 BUSKING Public transport supremo getting performance pay from pedestrians (7) 
Public transport = BUS, supremo = KING
2 RESIDUE The leftovers stay around university (7) 
stay = RESIDE, university = U
3 EXERCISED Worried putting the Queen in cut-out (9) 
Cut out = EXCISED, the Queen = ER
4 SEDAN Irishman has died inside an automobile (5) 
Irishman = SEAN, died = D
5 HONEYMOON Hey no messing about on daydream holiday (9) 
Anagram of HEY NO + daydream = MOON
6 OSCAR A little too scared for a film award (5) 
Hidden word
7 KINDLED Fired up sort went first (7) 
sort = KIND, went first = LED
8 DO-OR-DIE Entrance then change colour, say, in the most determined sort of effort (2-2-3) 
Entrance = DOOR, change colour = DYE, say = homophone indicator
14 KOALA BEAR Stun with an experimental workplace organ displaying an Aussie gum chewer (5,4) 
Stun = KO, experimental workplace = LAB, organ = EAR
15 LAUNDERED Make lad endure being washed (9) 
Anagram of LAD ENDURE
16 OBJECTS Takes exception to targets (7) 
Double definition
17 EMBARGO Turn back love, take hold of me and stop publication in the meantime (7) 
Turn back = reversal indicator, love = O, take hold of = GRAB + ME
19 USED-CAR The kind of salesman who offers cheap transport in an ill-conceived crusade (4-3) 
Anagram of CRUSADE
20 NATTERS New treats chopped for rabbits (7) 
New = N + anagram of TREATS
22 SHEIK That woman and I know now-absent ruler (5) 
That woman = SHE, I, know now absent = K
24 EMEND Correct matters with a bit of fence mending (5) 
Hidden word