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Crossword 1138 answers and explanations

1 Drama A screenplay produced back in Miramar does well (5) 
Hidden word backwards
4 Pastime A diversion for Father's Day (7) 
Father's = PAS, Day = TIME
8 On the air On Earth I converted to broadcasting (2,3,3) 
Anagram of ON EARTH I
9 Old boy This chap is bloody upset (3,3) 
Anagram of BLOODY
10 Prodigious Odious prig might be astonishing (10) 
Anagram of ODIOUS PRIG
11 Neon Gaslight? (4) 
Double definition
12 Bohemia Snake goes around border with one in central Europe (7) 
Snake = BOA around border = HEM, one = I
14 Stupid Silly, thick, unhelpful, puerile, inept, dreary leaders – all of those (6) 
Acrostic, "leaders" = initial letters of preceding words
15 Malign Speak unfavourably about a sample of animal ignorance (6) 
Hidden word
17 Pretext An excuse concocted for writing the foreword? (7) 
Double definition
19 Ales Becomes unwell I hear from some types of beer (4) 
Homophone for ails
20 Proscribed I bred crops misguidedly banned (10) 
Anagram of I BRED CROPS
23 Galore Lager drunk, love embraced in large quantities (6) 
Anagram of LAGER around O ("love")
24 Oral exam A test required for a dentistry qualification? (4,4) 
Anagram of TABOOS LAD
25 Stetson Felt headgear as was on child (7) 
as was = STET, child = SON
26 Total Complete write-off (5) 
Double definition
1 Dinar South African currency rises, overtaking one Middle Eastern monetary unit (5) 
South African currency = RAND, rises = reversal indicator, around one = I
2 Ached Suffered from sort of power he had (5) 
sort of power = AC, he had = HE'D
3 Amalgam What the dentist inserted a millimetre contains seaweed (7) 
A millimetre = A MM, seaweed = ALGA
4 Personal pronoun You for example string together pearls on poor nun (8,7) 
5 Spouses Mates put you and me in funny poses (7) 
You and me = US inside anagram of POSES
6 Indenture A contract for a fashionable new set of choppers (9) 
fashionable = IN, new set of choppers = DENTURE
7 Economist Advisor on money notices confusion around home when he goes (9) 
Anagram of NOTICES around OM
12 Boatloads Taboos lad broke in large quantities (9) 
Anagram of TABOOS LAD
13 Hailstone Acclaim good man with singular sampling of "A Hard Rain ..." (9) 
Acclaim = HAIL, good man = ST, singular = ONE
16 Nephews Writer turns up with hacks, members of the family (7) 
Writer = PEN, turns up = reversal indicator, hacks = HEWS
18 Enchant Bewitch when displaying soft spot for decapitation (7) 
a soft spot = PENCHANT
21 Inept Lacking competence in English exercise (5) 
IN + English = E, exercise = PT
22 Email It's probably spam making 50 percent of them fall sick (5) 
50 percent of them = EM, fall sick = AIL