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Crossword 1139 answers and explanations

6 Get even Retaliate, taking revenge when upset, replacing ring leader by Tuesday (3,4) 
Anagram of REVENGE with T instead of R
7 Racket A rowdy rort (6) 
Cryptic definition based on homophone
9 Esther Ancient queen rules the roost in places (6) 
Hidden word
10 Remorse Party leader leaves emperors upset with a feeling of regret (7) 
Party leader = P removed from anagram of EMPERORS
11 Murderous Used rum or cocktail likely to kill (9) 
Anagram ("cocktail") of USED RUM OR
12 Route Learning by repetition, going around bend, that's the way (5) 
Learning by repetition = ROTE around U ("bend")
14 Perfume Sent, reportedly, to exercise with broken femur (7) 
Double wordplay: homophone for SCENT + exercise = PE + anagram of FEMUR
16 Cure-all Aluminium injected into nasty ulcer as a panacea (4-3) 
Aluminium = AL inside anagram of ULCER
19 Leant Took a relaxed posture in thin time (5) 
thin = LEAN, time = T
21 Ponderous Son poured cocktail for pedestrian (9) 
Anagram ("cocktail") of SON POURED
24 Reliant I learnt to become dependent (7) 
Anagram of I LEARNT
25 Parade Father read about a procession (6) 
Father = PA + anagram of READ
26 Undyed With some burgundy, Edward is showing his true colours (6) 
Hidden word
27 Masonry Stonework showing Madonna holding child (7) 
Madonna = MARY, child = SON
1 Etched Inscribed and so on by male deputy head (6) 
and so on = ETC, male = HE, deputy head = D
2 Overtrump Open behind to win the hand (9) 
Open = OVERT, behind = STERN
3 Onerous It's burdensome having our nose out of joint (7) 
Anagram of OUR NOSE
4 Grime Dirt for example comes up around edge (5) 
for example = EG, comes up = reversal indicator, around = containment indicator, edge = RIM
5 Select Choose to be exclusive (6) 
Double definition
6 Gesture Greet us curiously with a shrug for example (7) 
Anagram of GREET US
8 Corrode Eat nothing in unusual record (7) 
nothing = O inside anagram of ("unusual") RECORD
13 Guidepost A sign stupid ego should be reformed (9) 
Anagram of STUPID EGO
15 Finally Sort of actor leaves fractionally upset at last (7) 
Anagram of FRACTIONALLY minus letters in ACTOR
17 Laundry Washing makes the French wet? (7) 
the French = LA, wet = UNDRY
18 Costume Business must change English outfit (7) 
Business = CO + anagram of MUST + E ("English")
20 Errand Make a mistake also – just a small trip (6) 
Make a mistake = ERR, also = AND
22 Raring Enthusiastic, sounding like a lion, lacking nothing (6) 
sounding like a lion = ROARING minus O ("nothing")
23 Haydn Handy composed? (He didn't compose The St Louis Blues) (5) 
Anagram of HANDY