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Crossword 1140 answers and explanations

1 Papyrus Old sort of paper reads "quietly pray for reform by America" (7) 
quietly = P+ anagram of PRAY + America = US
5 Locus Place with an endless sort of plague (5) 
sort of plage = LOCUST
8 Madrid Who has serving girl running around? One in city (6) 
Who = DR, serving girl = MAID
9 Internal Bury sodium left in-house (8) 
Bury = INTER, sodium = NA, left = L
10 Garbled Confused suit went ahead (7) 
suit = GARB, went ahead = LED
11 Poser A model conundrum (5) 
Double definition
12 Crayon Writing implement that could be red or cyan perhaps (6) 
Anagram of CYAN OR
14 Everyman The ordinary bloke may never collapse (8) 
Anagram of MAY NEVER
16 Spinster Single woman makes priest dance around poles (8) 
Anagram of PRIEST around N and S ("poles")
19 Pamper Indulge with top piece of mullet wrapped in newsprint (6) 
top piece of mullet = M, newsprint = PAPER
21 Impel Force politician into garland of flowers on return (5) 
politician = MP, garland of flowers = LEI, on return = reversal indicator
23 Trounce Thoroughly beat the competition? Recount ordered (7) 
Anagram of RECOUNT
25 Side door Dior does somehow entrance (4,4) 
Anagram of DIOR DOES
26 Airmen Marine organisation for pilots (6) 
Anagram of MARINE
27 Gusty Blustering bloke hugs very good bloke (5) 
bloke = GUY around ST ("very good bloke")
28 Elegant Suave and refined with a gentle disposition (7) 
anagram A GENTLE, disposition = anagram indicator
1 Prang Parental guidance required about what the escapee did in crash (5) 
Parental guidance required = PG around what the escapee did = RAN
2 Portray Depict being left on a ship with fish (7) 
left on a ship = PORT, fish = RAY
3 Red Planet Mars is replanted remarkably (3,6) 
Anagram of REPLANTED
4 Swindle Pigs engage heartless devil to pull off a rort (7) 
Pigs = SWINE around heartless devil = DL
5 Lit up Started to smoke like a Christmas tree (3,2) 
Double definition
6 Curtsey A gesture of respect yet brusque, certainly when upset (7) 
brusque = CURT, certainly = YES, when upset = reversal indicator
7 Staircase Car seat is adapted for a flight (9) 
Anagram of CAR SEAT IS
13 Repairing Heading somewhere for a fix? (9) 
Double definition
15 Espionage One page is encrypted for undercover operations (9) 
Anagram of ONE PAGE IS
17 Nippers Little children with claws (7) 
Double definition
18 Retiree One of the unemployed, fast asleep? (7) 
Double definition
20 Minorca The smallest possible killer whale isolated in the Mediterranean (7) 
The smallest possible = MIN, killer whale = ORCA
22 Loopy A bit dotty, fall into weirdo group therapy finally (5) 
Final letters in falL intO, weirdO grouP therapY
24 Elect Choose leaders to eat lunch: egg custard tart (5) 
First letters ("leaders") in Eat Lunch Egg Custard Tart