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Crossword 1141 answers and explanations

5 CRAMP Hamper is right inside tents (5) 
right = R inside CAMP ("tents")
7 OVERLAP Finished circuit of the track in some common ground (7) 
Finished = OVER, circuit of the track = LAP
9 HANDSOME Not bad looking with assistance, more or less (8) 
assistance = HAND, more or less = SOME
10 INVITE Call for the very thing in a different vein (6) 
the very thing = IT inside anagram of VEIN
11 BRAN Dietary fibre appears right during prohibition (4) 
right = R inside BAN ("prohibition")
12 INSURANCE A nun cries out for cover (9) 
Anagram of A NUN CRIES
14 SALAMI I am shortly, sad to say, going back for sausage (6) 
I am shortly = IM, sad to say = ALAS, going back = reversal indicator
16 NICETY Certainty about rat being removed makes a subtle difference (6) 
Anagram of CERTAINTY minus letters in RAT
19 DE RIGUEUR I urge rude arrangement as obligatory (2,7) 
Anagram of I URGE RUDE
21 TUTU Pavlova's little wrapping tripped up trade union leaders (4) 
leaders (first letters) of Tripped Up Trade Union
23 BORDER A paying guest, I hear, is always on edge (6) 
Homophone ("I hear") of BOARDER
25 PLUNGERS Plumbers' friends they drop into the water (8) 
Double definition
26 SOLOIST Drunk embraces Clark Kent's girlfriend, a singular performer (7) 
Drunk = SOT around ("embraces") LOIS ("Clark Kent's girlfriend")
27 DIRTY It isn't washed? Dry it anyway (5) 
Anagram of DRY IT
1 GARDENIA Flowering shrub requiring a peculiar sort of drainage (8) 
Anagram of DRAINAGE
2 MOREISH Horse I'm cooking is so delicious you will want further helpings (7) 
Anagram of HORSE IM
3 DELI Henry leaves an Indian city food retailer (4) 
Henry = H, Indian city = DELHI
4 ELEVEN The Spanish, notwithstanding, produce a cricket team (6) 
The Spanish = EL, notwithstanding = EVEN
5 CHAIR Sit here to have tea on Inland Revenue (5) 
tea = CHA, Inland Revenue = IR
6 PROVIDING CIB officer is inside showing what the caterer was doing (9) 
CIB officer = DI, showing = PROVING
8 PATIENT Someone at doctor without complaint (7) 
Double definition
13 RUN AROUND Boisterous childish frolic yields an evasive response (3,6) 
Double definition
15 ARDUOUS A royal couple join you and me testing one's endurance (7) 
A + royal = R, couple = DUO, you and me = US
17 CATEGORY Cargo yet to be sorted for class (8) 
Anagram of CARGO YET
18 DESPITE Regardless of speed it is let loose (7) 
Anagram of SPEED IT
20 RIDDLE Puzzle as rightwing leader replaces moderate leader of the centre (6) 
R replaces M as first letter of MIDDLE ("centre")
22 TARDY Thanks on way on fourth of July, a bit late (5) 
Thanks = TA, way = RD, fourth of July = Y
24 REIN Part of share in it gives control of the horse (4) 
Hidden word