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Crossword 1143 answers and explanations

1CAMELOTArrived by fate in a fabulous place (7) 
Arrived = CAME, fate = LOT
5ARTICLEPoor recital results in write-up for magazine (7) 
Anagram of RECITAL
9TEXASTime a sex change or state (5) 
Time = T + anagram of A SEX
10INELASTICCorrupt client is a stiff (9) 
Anagram of CLIENT IS
11REMBRANDTTricky term incorporates trademark of famous artist (9) 
Anagram of TERM including BRAND ("trademark")
12SCRUMDregs of society embrace right to form a disorderly mob (5) 
Dregs of society = SCUM including R ("right")
13SIMILARMuch the same mail is sorted by region initially (7) 
Anagram of MAIL IS + region initially = R
15DRACHMAPlay about church making money once in Athens (7) 
Play = DRAMA, church = CH
16ENDEMICFinish with leaders of ethnic minorities in Croatia found in the region (7) 
Finish = END, leaders of ethnic minorities in Croatia = EMIC
19CHEESESPerceive backsliding in endless boardgame including the mainland and Cheshire (7) 
Perceive = SEE, backsliding = reversal indiicator, endless boardgame = CHES
21PROWLMove stealthily using publicity by fly-by-night (5) 
publicity = PR, fly-by-night = OWL
22THUMBNAILA brief sketch showing a digital attachment (9) 
Double definition
25KILOGRAMSMix sago and milk with right weights (9) 
Anagram of SAGO and MILK and R
26IMPLYSuggest being easily decapitated (5) 
easily = SIMPLY
27NOTATESNot a test -- not completely -- showing how one puts music on paper (7) 
Hidden word
28LIGHTERA shade less dark or a match (7) 
Double definition
1CATERSupply the Maori with motor vehicle to go around (5) 
the Maori = TE inside CAR
2MAXIMUMMother at 9 a.m. rises to do her level best (7) 
Mother = MUM, 9 = IX, a.m. = AM, rises = reversal indicator
3LOSERUnderdog in a variety of roles (5) 
Anagram of ROLES
4THINNERArticle about pub with right leaner (7) 
Article = THE, pub = INN, right = R
5ALERTEDRelated badly to being given warning (7) 
Anagram of RELATED
6TRANSLATEExplain trains I missed not running on time (9) 
trains I missed = TRANS, not running on time = LATE
7CATARRHSailor in collapsing arch gets a head cold (7) 
Sailor = TAR inside anagram of ARCH
8ENCOMPASSInclude two points on navigation device (9) 
two points = EN, navigation device = COMPASS
13SHEEPSKINHide knees and hips when they collapse altogether (9) 
Anagram of KNEES and HIPS
14LIMELIGHTFruit, underweight, in the focus of public attention (9) 
Fruit = LIME, underweight = LIGHT
17DROPLETMedic and poet madly taking lunch initially: a small amount of fluid (7) 
Medic = CR + anagram of POET including lunch initially = L
18CUTLASSWeapon used in lesson about universal time (7) 
lesson = CLASS, universal time = UT
19COUNSELAdvise applying no clues in error (7) 
Anagram of NO CLUES
20STAY PUTDon't move putty as replacement (4,3) 
Anagram of PUTTY AS
23BRINGContribute bottle opener on call (5) 
bottle opener = B, call = RING
24LAYERGood hen makes real turnaround about the end of July (5) 
real turnaround = LAER, end of July = Y