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Crossword 1144 answers and explanations

1SWATHEStart to see wheat cultivated in a strip of land readily cleared (6) 
Start to see = S + anagram of WHEAT
4DAHLIAIt can be seen in the verandah, liable to bloom (6) 
Hidden word
8GANDERSBirds looks? (7) 
Double definition
9GRANDPAAncestor of King George and personal assistant (7) 
King George = GR + AND (en clair) + personal assistant = PA
11PARSIMONYPay minors poorly, showing thriftiness (9) 
Anagram of PAY MINORS
12AGRAA city with a certain amount of fragrance (4) 
Hidden word
13CLANGProduce a sound in the Icelandic language (5) 
Hidden word
14DESCENTSWhat most climbers have to undertake eventually in family trees (8) 
Double definition
16PRESERVEJam you can dish out in advance? (8) 
Double definition
18RACESSubspecies of rushes (5) 
Double definition
20LUREAn enticement to break rule (4) 
Anagram of RULE
21FLATTEREDShared an apartment with little hesitation, going in when sweet talked (9) 
Shared an apartment = FLATTED, little hesitation = ER
23SCRIBESJournalists report terrible crises involving bishop (7) 
Anagram of CRISES including B
24FINALLYHorse eats sodium after all (7) 
Horse = FILLY, sodium = NA
25EVENTSEngineer blowholes to produce results (6) 
Engineer = E, blowholes = VENTS
26AGENDAMature and confused by the order of business (6) 
Mature = AGE, and befuddled = anagram of AND
1SCAMPSwindle by quiet rascal (5) 
Swindle = SCAM, quiet = P
2ANDORRASmall country road ran askew (7) 
Start to see = S + anagram of WHEAT
3HARBINGERHe, barring disaster, gets the Herald (9) 
Anagram of HE BARRING
5ARRAYAn impressive display made with a luxury car? Yes (5) 
A + luxury car = EE, yes = AY
6LINEAGEA pedigree in trade with seniority (7) 
trade = LINE (of work), seniority = AGE
7APPARATUSFather turns up with sort of a part-American gadget (9) 
Father = PA, turns up = reversal indicator + anagram ("sort) of PART + American = US
10ROAD METALGravel on the way, tailor-made surprisingly after I went missing (4,5) 
Anagram of TAILOR MADE minus I
13CARBUNCLECancel, rub out a large boil (9) 
Anagram of CANCEL RUB
15SURE THINGHunger: it's lamentably a foregone conclusion (4,5) 
Anagram of HUNGER ITS
17STERILEUninspired way I reel around (7) 
way = ST + anagram of I REEL
19CERTAINCreate nice art for sure (7) 
Anagram of NICE ART
21FLEETA collection of speedboats? (5) 
Cryptic definition
22DELTAMouth opening at lederhosen being only partly pulled up (5) 
Hidden word backwards, "AT LEDerhosen"