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Crossword 1145 answers and explanations

5PROBLEMPlunder the French in the afternoon, creating some difficulty (7) 
Plunder = ROB, the French = LE, inside PM ("in the afternoon")
7UNIONTertiary institution working for amalgamation (5) 
Tertiary institution = UNI, working = ON
9INCREASINGTrendy rumpled look on the up and up (10) 
Trendy = IN, rumpled look = CREASING
10DAREMake bold contribution inside restricted area (4) 
Hidden word
11STANZASales tax initially applied to a New Zealand article showing a piece of verse (6) 
Sales tax initially = ST, a New Zealand = ANZ, article = A
13LAUNCHESWhat the Queen does perhaps with a bottle of bubbly: has a meal including head of asparagus (8) 
has a meal = LUNCHES, head of asparagus = A
14FOURTHFlag officer hurt badly after his third (6) 
Flag officer = FO + anagram of HURT
15RARELYBank on the outskirts of Rotorua? Not often (6) 
Bank = RELY, outskirts of Rotorua = RA
18GATHEREDGot it together to make the grade with difficulty (8) 
Anagram of THE GRADE
20CANDLEDance madly around large burning object (6) 
Anagram of DANCE, large = L
22GOBIDesert and depart with bird ["2013"] no way (4) 
depart = GO, bird no way = remove RD from BIRD
23LAST RESORTSalt could be the answer here, though a desperate remedy (4,6) 
The clue looks like it is calling for an anagram of SALT
25RISKYRhode Island, heaven for the kind of activity gamblers like 
Rhose Island = RI, heaven = SKY
26NOTABLECelebrated being incompetent? (7) 
"not able"
1POORLousy shampooer, quite shameless (4) 
SHAMPOOER minus the letters in SHAME
2PLEASANTAgreeable bumpkin left inside (8) 
bumpkin = PEASANT, left = L
3KUNG FUHalf-full with nasty gunk first, you might fight off assailants with this (4,2) 
Half-full = FU after anagram of GUNK
4WINDSCREENCrew send in new design for the front window (10) 
Anagram of CREW SEND IN
5PINOTPoint out a grape for making champagne (5) 
Anagram of POINT
6MAINLYVirile looking, taking one in for the most part (6) 
Virile looking = MANLY, one = I
8NURSERYDay care centre is run badly? Yes, badly. That's about right (7) 
Anagram of RUN + anagram of YES including R ("right")
12NAUGHTIESTGenius that might be most risqué (10) 
Anagram of GENIUS THAT
14FLAVOURSeason to bestow a privilege upon about fifty (7) 
bestow a privilege upon = FAVOUR, fifty = L
16ACCURATEA catholic clergyman to be precise (8) 
A catholic = AC, clergyman = CURATE
17EDISONInventor turned up showing a complete absence of pretensions of superiority (6) 
turned up = reversal indictaor, absence of = NO, pretentions of superiority = SIDE
19RELAYSPasses on yet produces eggs again? (d) 
Double definition
21LARGESome popular Germans make it big (5) 
Hidden word
24SOBSAn emotional reaction from an awful boss? (4) 
Anagram of BOSS