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Crossword 1147 answers and explanations

1ENCAGEDBetrothed, having abandoned Georgia for California, now in jail (7)
Betrothed = ENGAGED, substituting GA for CA
5FLARESI hear natural talents fashioned trousers in 1972 (6)
I hear = homophone indicator, natural talents = FLAIRS
10ADIEUNotice one English leader up first for farewell in Brussels (5)
Notice = AD, one = I, English leader = E, up first = U
11SHOCK WAVEA huge jolt results in a perm? (5,4)
Double definition
12STAND FASTHold firm stomach, don't eat (5,4)
stomach = STAND, don't eat = FAST
13CATCHSuddenly apprehend a doorstopper (5)
Double definition
14PARROTCopy cat or ape or bird (6)
Triple definition
15NOTCHEDLike a belt with a buckle seen around church (7)
seen = NOTED, church = CH
17FRESHENRural slave comes back with bird to wash up (7)
Rural slave = SERF, comes back = reversal indicator, bird = HEN
19PLANETDesign by alien for a body in space (6)
Design = PLAN, alien = ET
20ALACKAn expression of regret for a deficiency (5)
A + deficiency = LACK
22BROADCASTBad actors working in radio show (9)
Anagram of BAD ACTORS
24CENTIPEDECrawler cooked decent pie (9)
Anagram of DECENT PIE
25OSCARAward for large vehicle (5)
large = OS, vehicle = CAR
26PAYEESApes dancing around you once: they got the money (6)
Anagram of APES include YE ("you once")
27ESSAYEDAttempted to see days out (7)
Anagram of SEE DAYS
1EXAMSSome pieces Max Ernst's made turned up in the finals (5)
Hidden word backwards
2CHINAWAREConscious of the lower jaw: it's made of porcelain (9)
Conscious of = AWARE, the lower jaw = CHIN
3GO UNDER THE KNIFETough friend keen, being out of sorts, to have surgery (2,5,3,5)
4DISTANTTNT said to explode? Not even close (7)
Anagram of TNT SAID
6LIKE CATS AND DOGSShow fondness for household pets in the way they argue so frequently (4,4,3,4)
Double definition
7REACTPerform again and show a response (5)
Perform = ACT, again = RE
8SEETHEDWas furious having article eaten by germ (7)
article = THE, germ = SEED
9SOFTENSchool head frequently has to tone things down (6)
School head = S, frequently = OFTEN
16HIERARCHYHenry and I hear cry about the way power is distributed (9)
Henry = H, I + anagram of HEAR CRY
17FLAT CAPCat disturbed in state of panic gets top coverage (4,3)
Anagram of CAT inside FLAP ("state of panic")
18NABBEDArrested censor gets up on bottom (6)
censor = BAN, gets up = reversal indicator, bottom = BED
19PROTÉGÉTrainee peer got drunk (7)
Anagram of PEER GOT
21ANNOYNettle? Yes and no in any surroundings (5)
NO inside ANY
23TIREDShop-soiled: tried to change (5)
Anagram of TRIED