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Crossword 1148 answers and explanations

1SUPERBGreat sales agent gets back into sinking boat (6)
sales agent = REP, sinking boat = SUB
4TWINKLEFlash new kilt ordered (7)
Anagram of NEW KILT
8OUTRAGETo argue badly is a terrible scandal (7)
Anagram of TO ARGUE
9RECHECKMake sure again to have creek diverted around church (7)
Anagram of CREEK around CH ("church")
11HEARTENEDCook had entrée cheered (9)
Anagram of HAD ENTREE
12PIAFChanteuse, Parisienne, in a flutter initially (4)
Initial letters of Parisienne In A Flutter
13SASHIMIFish the way they like it in Japan, made by him as is, chopped (7)
Anagram of HIM AS IS
14SORDIDPoor Doris Day's beginning: sleazy (6)
Anagram of DORIS + D ("Day's beginning")
15ARMINGGetting guns and doing damage having had head chopped off (6)
doing damage = HARMING
17IMPULSEA sudden urge to smile mysteriously when holding backup (7)
Anagram of SMILE including PU ("backup")
19SHOWPlant seeds around hospital for display (4)
Plant seeds = SOW, hospital = H
20IBUPROFENDilapitated pub on fire brings some relief from suffering (9)
Anagram of PUB ON FIRE
22PRO RATAIn favour of hardwood but keeping it in proportion (3,4)
Double definition
23OFFICERPerhaps a major bid, about one cent (7)
bid = OFFER, one cent = IC
24TEASHOPThe soap is rewritten to show an eatery (7)
Anagram of THE SOAP
25SCARCEScratch on church is rare (6)
Scratch = SCAR, church = CE (Church of England)
1SOUTHPole position? (5)
Cryptic definition
2PERHAPSSapphire one removed in error? Possibly (7)
Anagram of SAPPHIRE minus I
3RIGHT-WINGWrithing around with force revealing a political bent (5-4)
Anagram of WRITHING + force = G (Gravity)
5WIELDHandle English in rough surroundings (5)
English = E, rough = WILD
6NO-HOPERA feckless individual with number to dance with the Queen (2-5)
Number = NO, dance = HOP, the Queen = ER
7LUCRATIVEVital cure concocted to be quite profitable (9)
Anagram of VITAL CURE
10INVIDIOUSUnfair and improper division involving upstart (9)
Anagram of DIVISION including U ("upstart")
13SURCHARGEAn extra payment for cleaner in sudden rise (9)
cleaner = CHAR, sudden rise = SURGE
14SOPORIFICPoor sci-fi novel is very tiring (9)
Anagram of POOR SCI FI
16INWARDSWhere the patients are heading for the heart department? (7)
Double definition
18LOFTIERFlier to become somehow more high-minded (7)
Anagram of FLIER TO
20INTROKeen on hugging Romeo as an opener (5)
Keen on = INTO, Romeo = R ("Nato" alphabet)
21NIECEThis relation is rather decent about eye opener (5)
rather decent = NICE, eye opener = E