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Crossword 1149 answers and explanations

5MAINEPrincipal ["2013"] education leader ["2013"] in a state (5)
Principal = MAIN, education leader = E
6NEATENSPoles have dined inside so that makes things tidier (7)
Poles = N S, dined = EATEN
8ARTIFICIALUS spies in airlift, specially contrived (10)
US spies = CIA inside anagram of AIRLIFT
9LAIDPositioned with face pointing backwards (4)
face = DIAL
10SENORASingles back rear-admiral and his wife in Valencia (6)
Singles = ONES, rear admiral = RA
12HARDSHIPThe conditions faced in the workplace of a galley slave? (8)
Cryptic definition
13AS IFLike being quasi-famous to some extent (2,2)
Hidden word
14EBONYBlack bridge player, rather gaunt (5)
bridge player = E, rather gaunt = BONY
16AWAYA fashion but not here (4)
fashion = WAY
18MEASURERHere's me with a more confident surveyor (8)
ME + a more confident = A SURER
21AGENCYGrow old ["2013"] a hundred ["2013"] in New York advertising firm (6)
Grow old = AGE, a hundred = C inside New York -= NY
22LAVAThis rock doesn't roll; it runs (4)
Cryptic definition
23SHOPLIFTERShe pilfers hot product! (10)
25EMERGEDIssued BSc perhaps will come back around the first of March (7)
BSc perhaps = DEGREE, will come back = reversal indicator, first of March = M
26NIGHTDark horse on board lost his head (5)
horse on board = KNIGHT (chess)
1FIJIIf getting up before June 1 this is where you might get some sun (4)
If getting up = FI, June = J, 1 = I
2DELICATETed and Alice are entwined making it all rather ticklish (8)
Anagram of TED ALICE
3SAILORJack beginning to sing to look in tune (6)
beginning to sing = S, look = LO, tune = AIR
4REAL ESTATEActual station wagon in the UK is immovable property (4,6)
Actual = REAL, station wagon in the UK = ESTATE
5MARKETSBrand set creatively for trading places (7)
Brand = MARK + anagram of SET
6NEIGHBOURHOODOne borough hid corrupt community (13)
7SCI-FISchool Certificate provided one with an inventive literary genre (3-2)
School Certificate = SC, provided = IF, one = I
11OBFUSCATEDFace doubts when dithering having made it appear excessively complicated (10)
Anagram of FACE DOUBTS
15YEARLINGA young hack relaying trouble (8)
Anagram of RELAYING
17ANCIENTNice tan disguised the old (7)
Anagram of NICE TAN
19ERASEBlot out periods of time with Ecstasy (5)
periods of time = ERAS, Ecstasy = E
20RESIGNHave the power of a monarch about the first of September then abdicate (6)
Have the power of a monarch = REIGN, first of September = S
24FOGYOld fashioned type of forensic pathology, having heart excised (4)
FORENSIC PATHOLOGY minus central letters ("RENSIC PATHOL")