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Crossword 1150 answers and explanations

1ESCAPEStart to sleep in sort of peace then leak (6)
Start to sleep = S inside anagram of PEACE
4PLACIDHead of clan wearing tartan unruffled (6)
Head of clan = C inside PLAID ("tartan")
8TRELLISTillers working to provide support in the garden (7)
Anagram of TILLERS
9POPCORNThere is nothing politically correct in erotica: it's indulged in by many moviegoers (7)
nothing = O, politically correct = PC inside PORN ("erotica")
10DENTISTRYSent dirty letters, medical attention regularly recommended (9)
Anagram of SENT DIRTY
12ODDSChances of overdose emptied out doctors (4)
overdose = OD, emptied out doctors = DS
13DELHIA slice of strudel Hindus might sell for capital (5)
Hidden word
14TOP-HEAVYThe leading villain is unstable (3-5)
Double definition
16ALL CLEARSignal that the danger is over in call out to mad king (3,5)
Anagram of CALL + LEAR ("mad king")
18ANGELDarling brings article on hair mousse (5)
article = AN, hair mousse = GEL
20AVERSwear and rave incoherently (4)
Anagram of RAVE
21REDUNDANTLaid off work and turned mad (9)
Anagram of AND TURNED
23BROADLYLoosely or badly astray (7)
Anagram of OR BADLY
24TIPSTERRacecourse advisor does time with queer-looking priest (7)
time = T + anagram of PRIEST
25DRENCHComputer enthusiast goes back to church in swamp (6)
Computer enthusiast = NERD, reversed + church = CH
26REUSEDRebel leader with tailored suede is employed again (6)
Rebel leader = R + anagram of SUEDE
1EAREDLike wheat a deer chewed (5)
Anagram of A DEER
2COLONELOfficer makes mark in sentencing the Spanish (7)
mark in sentencing = COLON, the Spanish = EL
3PRIMITIVECrude yet dainty with it, I have brief following (9)
dainty = PRIM with I + I have brief = IVE
5LOONYOnly crazy about the first of October but then really bonkers (5)
Anagram of ONLY including ("about") first of October = O
6CYCLONERide around on a typhoon (7)
Ride = CYCLE
7DAREDEVILHothead made bold with wickedness (9)
made bold = DARED, wickesness = EVIL
11TUTOREDInstructed the little pharaoh then rode off (7)
the little pharaoh = TUT + anagram of RODE
13DELIVEREDSaved, having had a major organ removed? (9)
Double definition
15PLAINTIVEMelancholy? Invite pal around (9)
Anagram of INVITE PAL
17CARTAGEHauling painting into prison? (7)
painting = ART, prison = CAGE
19GLASSESGerman girls produce spectacles (7)
German = g, girls = LASSES
21RELICSouvenir from North Shore licenced restaurant (5)
Hidden word
22TRENDBe inclined to admit rightwing leader: that's the bandwagon (5)
Be inclined = TEND, rightwing leader = R