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Crossword 1151 answers and explanations


4BRAIDMr Pitt grabs one for some trimming (5)
Mr Pitt = BRAD, one = I
6STRANGLERShe chokes alien eating first of lychees (9)
alien = STRANGER, first of lychees = L
9TUITIONInstruction gets bird into trouble (7)
bird = TUI + anagram of INTO
10WETLANDLad went crazy in the bog (7)
Anagram of LAD WENT
11ELAPSESPlease run off before the first of September passes (7)
Anagram of PLEASE + S ("first of September")
12MOANERSOarsmen collapsed, the whingers (7)
Anagram of OARSMEN
13SECRET AGENTSpy centre stage in disguise (6,5)
18LARIATSCattle catching devices used as trail runs out (7)
Anagram of AS TRAIL
20WAITS ONHolmes's offsider takes one in and serves at table (5,2)
Holmes's offsider = WATSON, one = I
22WINE BARSecure novelty bear in drinking establishment (4,3)
Secure = WIN + anagram of BEAR
24IGNITEDFired for defective editing (7)
Anagram of EDITING
25POWER LINEConductor in the political control business? (5,4)
political control = POWER, business = LINE
26TABLEPresent a bill for the furniture? (5)
Double definition
1HABITATSMake a little in millinery for homes (8)
a little = A BIT, millinery = HATS
2CROWGloat having removed bottom of top hat (4)
top hat = CROWN
3PLEASEPiano on hire brings delight (6)
Piano = P, hire = LEASE
4BATTERClobber essential for making fish and chips (6)
Double definition
5DRIBSFeathered friend ascends to top of sycamore and drops (5)
Feathered friend = BIRD, ascends = reversal indicator, top of sycamore = S
6SONGSTERSSnores rudely collecting a sales tax for the chorus (9)
Anagram of SNORES including GST ("sales tax")
7NUTCASEEccentric person can't use fabrication (7)
Anagram of CAN'T USE
8RADISHVegetable at the heart of Socrates' recipe (6)
Heart of SOCRATES = RA, recipe = DISH
12MEANWHILEE-mail when going astray in the interim (9)
Anagram of EMAIL WHEN
14CLAMBERClimb awkwardly but somehow be calm, right? (7)
Anagram of BE CALM + R ("right")
15TEST TUBEInternational game played on the underground with a bit of scientific equipment (4,4)
International game played = TEST, underground = TUBE
16BLOW UPSudden inflation depressed ["2013"] in pub, upset (4,2)
depressed = LOW inside anagram of PUB
17ON EDGEA certain director general on Ecstasy is rather anxious (2,4)
A certain = ONE, director general = DG, Ecstasy = E
19RENOWNSome of the children own up to fame ["2026"] (6)
Hidden word
21IF NOT["2026"] in fact never overrate the beginners otherwise (2,3)
Acrostic, initial letters ("beginners") of In Fact Never Overrate The
23RAILComplain bitterly about public transport (4)
Double definition