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Crossword 1152 answers and explanations

1CITEDQuoted a different edict (5)
Anagram of EDICT
4MAGNIFIEDFind image mysteriously blown up (9)
Anagram of FIND IMAGE
9TOOTINGGot into trouble making a noise while in the road (7)
Anagram of GOT INTO
10INDIANSEvolving Darwinians lose war with certain nationals (7)
Anagram of DARWINIANS minus letters in WAR
11HIBERNATEBreathe in, out, now sleep for quite a while (9)
Anagram of BREATHE IN
12CUTIEA charming person, drunk, that is (5)
drunk = CUT, that is = IE
13NO ENDDonne revised without stopping for a long time (2,3)
Anagram of DONNE
15IMPATIENTInsane tip inmate gives: "raring to go" (9)
Anagram of TIP INMATE
17ASH-BLONDENobles had strangely pale hair (3-6)
Anagram of NOBLES HAD
18DREAMIdeal for medical worker each Monday (5)
medical worker = DR, each = EA, Monday = M
20STOICAn unemotional sort of man leaves monastic order (5)
Anagram of MONASTIC minus letters in MAN
21ROADWORKSA rod, broken, functions in a way when being repaired (9)
Anagram of A ROD + functions = WORKS
23NAIROBII, born a mongrel, eat the first person making capital (7)
Anagram of I BORN A including I ("first person")
24OCTOBEROfficial cash rate includes beginning of Hamlet's soliloquy within a month (7)
Official cash rate = OCR including TO BE ("beginning of Hamlet's soliloquy")
25HIGH SPOTSThe most memorable parts are when periods of euphoria cease coming back (4,5)
periods of euphoria = HIGHS, cease = STOP, coming back = reversal indicator
26REEKYEven letters from Bruegel to Kentucky are giving off a pong (5)
Even letters from bRuEgE + Kentucky = KY
1CATCH ONGet the point from funny chat with fraudster going around (5,2)
Anagram of CHAT in CON ("fraudster")
2TROUBLESHOOTINGFixing problems such as difficulties sounding like an owl? (15)
difficulties = TROUBLES, sounding like an owl = HOOTING
3DRIERLaundry equipment derailed oddly right at the end (5)
Odd letters in DeRaIlEd + R ("right")
4MIGRATIONRussian fighter with allowance gains movement (9)
Russian fighter = MIG (military plane), allowance = RATION
5GRIPEMember of the film crew beginning to eat beef (5)
Member of film crew = GRIP, beginning to eat = E
6INDICATEDAt home, CIB officer acted strangely as suggested (9)
At home = IN, CIB officer = DI + anagram of ACTED
7IVAN THE TERRIBLEIrrelevant bit he scribbled for leading old Muscovite (4,3,8)
8DESSERTSweet des res rebuilt by end of August (7)
Anagram of DES RES + end of August = T
14DELICIOUSVery pleasing as I, docile, surprisingly precede us (9)
Anagram of I DOCILE
16PREDATORSTeardrops falling from born killers (9)
Anagram of TEARDROPS
17ABSINTHTop rugby players hint subtly at a powerful alcoholic concoction (7)
Top rugby players = ABS + anagram of HINT
19MISERLYMean to be left in suffering (7)
left = L, suffering = MISERY
21RHINOIron structure around hotel, a beastly thing (5)
Anagram of IRON around H ("hotel")
22WATERRestaurant employee has lost one cheap beverage (5)
Restaurant employee = WAITER, one = I