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Crossword 1153 answers and explanations

1QUESTION MASTERSBroadcast hosts interrogate schoolteachers (8,7)
interrogate = QUESTION, schoolteachers = MASTERS
9ASSESTopless girls are fools (5)
girls = LASSES
10ESTIMATEDMeditates mysteriously when being judged (9)
Anagram of MEDITATES
11TACKS ONSir Peter, lacking introduction, takes time instead and forms an attachment (5,2)
Sir Peter = JACKSON, time = T
12RETINUEThere is little hesitation about what a wedding does to people turning back train (7)
little hesitation = ER, what a wedding does to people = UNITE, turning back = reversal indicator
13MOTIFWord in French provided a thematic pattern (5)
Word in French = MOT, provided = IF
15GLUTINOUSThe sort of rice I slung out in a tizzy (9)
Anagram of RICE I SLUNG
18INHERITEDCame into it and hid entire mess (9)
Anagram of HID ENTIRE
19GRISTConsumption tax applied externally to religious instruction and all the cereal for the mill (5)
Consumption tax = GST, religious instruction = RI
21LOTUSESFate takes advantage of bloomers (7)
Fate = LOT, takes advantage of = USES
24REALISTPragmatic character is later dippy (7)
Anagram of IS LATER
26COSTA RICALeading actor and I get into half the Coke® in Central America (5,4)
Leading actor = STAR + I + inside half the Coke = COCA
27HEAVEPerform as a weightlifter in an endless paradise (5)
paraside = HEAVEN
28THE PLOT THICKENSTot helps kitchen redesign as it becomes more complicated (3,4,8)
1QUANTUMQueen's beginning autumn reform with a set amount (7)
Queen's beginning = Q + anagram of AUTUMN
2EASY CATCHA readily obtained fish but no good with batter (4,5)
Double definition
3TASKSTroop leader requests jobs (5)
Troop leader = T, requests = ASKS
4OVERNIGHTThe roving characters arranged to stay until morning (9)
Anagram of THE ROVING
5METERRhythm encountered by Queen (5)
encountered = MET, Queen = ER
6SOMETHINGIllegal drug I mentioned in serenade? That's a Beatles hit! (9)
Illegal drug = METH + I inside ("mentioned in") serenade = SONG
7EATENOverheat engine, somewhat corroded (5)
Hidden word
8SADNESSStart to see broken-down sedans in gloom (7)
Start to see = S + anagram of SEDANS
14FORESTALLPrevent a lot of trees growing entirely (9)
a lot of trees growing = FOREST, entirely = ALL
16UNDER OATHSworn in around the resort (5,4)
Anagram of AROUND THE
17ORIGINATEDevelop and deliver a speech about one hard liquor (9)
deliver a speech = ORATE including one = I, hard liquor = GIN
18ILLICITNot well in control with it being shonky (7)
Not well = ILL, in control = IC + IT
20TETHERSUses restraint as the rest go to pot (7)
Anagram of THE REST
22TASTETest a stranger on "Sense and Sensibility" (5)
anagram of TEST A
23STINTA day's work isn't varied on Thursday (5)
Anagram of ISNT + Thursday = T
25AD HOCJust for the occasion supplement with some white wine, say (2,3)
Homophone ("say") of ADD HOCK