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Crossword 1154 answers and explanation

7AREASRegions are as if combined (5)
ARE AS as one word
8THERMOSThe vacuum flask might be mother's (7)
Anagram of MOTHERS
10RESEARCHInvestigate and scare her witless (8)
Anagram of SCARE HER
11EARNEDAn organ Mr Kelly merited (6)
An organ = EAR Mr Kelly = NED
12TREATYAn accord provides some self-indulgence at day's end (6)
siome self-indulgence = TREAT, day's end = Y
13NORTH SEAAnother's composition appears as part of La Mer (5,3)
Anagram of ANOTHERS
15SPOILEDRushed to contain cooking medium no longer fit for use (7)
Rushed = SPED, cooking medium = OIL
17DEBATERDisputatious type badly berated (7)
Anagram of BERATED
20COUNTERSIn the shop they furnish quick responses (8)
Double definition
22ABSORBWhat a sucker does with All Blacks ball? (6)
All Blacks = ABS, ball = ORB
23FINERYGlad rags? Infer change undergone by youth leader (6)
Anagram of INFER + Y ("youth leader")
25ACCURACYA c-clergyman's job in truth (8)
AC + clergyman's job = CURACY
26GRIMACEI'm involved in prayer, an unpleasant expression (7)
IM inside GRACE ("prayer")
27OUNCESwoop having quietly lost a little weight (5)
Swoop = POUNCE, quietly lost = delete P
1NAMEDROPIdentify a little fluid to associate yourself with celebrity (8)
Identify = NAME, a little fluid = DROP
2GENERATIONAn amount of DNA allocated to millennials perhaps (10)
Double definition, GENE RATION
3ASTRAYA good person on beam but wide of the mark (6)
A good person = A ST, beam = RAY
4ITCHINGPart of the sales pitch in German has you restless and raring to go (7)
Hidden word
5REHEARSEConcerned with late transport ["2013"] train perhaps (8)
Concerned with = RE, late transport = HEARSE
6EMIRPrinter's measure used by inland revenue for a ruler (4)
Printer's measure = EM, inland revenue = IR
9SCENEThe part of the movie where the weird nieces get rid of one (5)
Anagram of NIECES minus I ("one")
14HEADSTRONGThe dragons can be unruly (10)
Anagram of THE DRAGONS
16EVERYDAYContinuously ordinary (8)
Double definition
18ENRICHEDNice herd management made a fortune (8)
Anagram of NICE HERD
19ESCAPEDGutless guest in Batman outfit flew the coop (7)
Gutless guest = ES, in Batman outfit = CAPED
21OWINGOutstanding, making love on extension to the building (5)
love = O (tennis), extension to the building = WING
22ANCHOROne way to prevent movement in a Grecian chorus (6)
Hidden word
24EPICA big story is just part of the picture (4)
Hidden word