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Crossword 1155 answers and explanations

1POREDThe old standard paint for post boxes, concentrated (5)
Play on "Post Office Red"
4DEPOSITPlace topside to be minced (7)
Anagram of TOPSIDE
8HECTARESPoor teachers in certain areas (8)
Anagram of teachers
9ALARMSSirens go sadly around room (6)
sadly = ALAS, room = RM
10DINOSAUROur DNA is engineered to reproduce a prehistoric monster (8)
Anagram of OUR DNA IS
11ANGELSDivine singers do a set between poles (6)
A + GEL ("set") between N and S ("poles")
12MANUFACTURINGGun fanatic, rum (peculiar), is making it big time (13)
15ACTING COMPANYA troupe relieving with friendship (6,7)
relieving = ACTING, friendship = COMPANY
17SCARESNurse in secret service gives me the willies (6)
Nurse = CASE, secret service = SS
19UPROOTEDEccentric dropout taking Ecstasy is forcibly removed from home (8)
Anagram of DROPOUT including e ("Ecstasy")
21MAHLERViennese composer of Harlem Capriccio (6)
Anagram of HARLEM
22COINCIDEMoney and dice being thrown happen together (8)
Money = COIN + anagram of DICE
23CRYSTALExclaim at last broken fine glassware (7)
Exclaim = CRY + anagram of LAST
24DAREDAdd a friend at regular intervals, having gone out on a limb (5)
Every second letter (regular) in ADD A FRIEND
1PREMIUMImpure mixture produced by Muslim leader of superior quality (7)
Anagram of IMPURE + M ("Muslim leader")
2RATIOAn endless allowance? Just a certain proportion (5)
allowance = RATION, endless
3DORSAL FINBack-projection as seen in Jaws? (6,3)
Double definition
4DISTRICT COUNCILRewrite codicil, instruct a local body (8,7)
5PLAZAPlace for a Spaniard to show most of a drama around Arizona (5)
most of a drama = PLA around Arizona = AZ
6SHANGRI-LADreadful liars hang in place of bliss (7-2)
Anagram of LIARS HANG
7TIME LAGDelay giving sentence to old prisoner (4,3)
sentence = TIME, old prisoner = LAG
13NATURALLYAunt disturbed by a mass meeting of course (9)
Anagram of AUNT + RALLY ("mass meeting")
14UNMARRIEDOne in under-arm toss scoring single (9)
One = I in anagram of UNDER-ARM
15ARCHAICVery old account includes a sort of chair (7)
account = AC around anagram of CHAIR
16YIELDEDTwisted eyelid could end buckled under (7)
Anagram of EYELID + D ("could end")
18SPRATA disappointing catch for the angler in strange parts (5)
Anagram of PARTS
20OCCURHappen to firm up on mongrel (5)
firm = CO, up = reversal indicator, mongrel = CUR