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Crossword 1156 answers and explanations

4SWARMA large crowd beginning to seem friendly (5)
beginning to seem = S, friendlly = WARM
6SAUSAGESRoughly, as a guess, they contain some meat and spices (8)
Anagram of AS A GUESS
9ROAD MAPA detailed plan concocted by a mad pro when mad (4,3)
Anagram of A MAD PRO
10HOSTILEUnfriendly entertainer I put in front of the French (7)
entertainer = HOST + I + the French = LE
11PICCOLOI join with a couple of Charlies in equestrian sport producing a high wind (7)
I + two Charlies (Charlie is C in the "Nato" alphabet) inside POLO ("equestrian sport")
12GARMENTMan catches member in an item of clothing (7)
Man = GENT, member = ARM
13SIGNIFICANTThis is important: endorse with your name should I be unable to (11)
Charade: SIGN ("endorse with your name"), IF ("should") I ("I") CANT ("be unable to")
18BACKINGGetting behind in championship (7)
Double definition using "champion" as a verb
20STEWARTCook butchered rat for Jimmy and Rod (7)
Cook = STEW + anagram of RAT
22THINNERA less-substantial solvent for the paint (7)
Double definition
24NAUGHTYAny thug can be mischievous (7)
Anagram of ANY THUG
25BORDELLOHouse with red light and faulty doorbell (8)
Anagram of DOOR BELL
26EASEDLoosened and replanted a seed (5)
anagram of A SEED
1DAMASCUSAmerican lawyer leads copper in religious ceremony, making capital (8)
American lawyer = DA, copper = CU inside MASS ("religious ceremony")
2PUSHWhat tugboat might do with cat docked at top of harbour (4)
cat = PUSS, docked = deletion indicator, top of harbour = H
3RESIDEStrange desire to live somewhere (6)
Anagram of DESIRE
4SCRAPESlowly accumulate a little money and graze (6)
Double definition
5MAMBORevolutionary leader grabs doctor for a dance (5)
Revolutionary leader = MAO, doctor = MB
6SUPPOSINGThinking perhaps pop's gun is to be dismantled (9)
Anagram of POPS GUN IS
7AUSTRIAOne country or another lacking a port (7)
AUSTRALIA minus A L (L = port, left in maritime usage)
8HEFTYHe at forty has lost or is rugged and powerful (5)
HE + FORTY minus OR
12GLISSANDOAssign old orchestration to a swooping melodic phrase (9)
Anagram of ASSIGN OLD
14GRINNEDBared teeth, rending in shreds (7)
Anagram of RENDING
15TEA CHESTSuffer in trial boxing (3,5)
Suffer = ACHE inside TEST ("trial")
16ABATELet up for a turn at the wicket by England (5)
a turn at the wicket = A BAT, England = E
17STAYEDStuck around sounding properly dignified (6)
Homophone: properly dignified = STAID
19CLIP-ONFast working sort of device, readily attached (4-2)
Double definition
21ELUDEEdward Lear firstly due to change displays skirt (5)
Edward Lear firstly = EL + anagram of DUE
23RILEIt is concerning having the Italian surrounded just to really annoy someone (4)
concerning = RE, the Italian = IL