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Crossword 1157 answers and explanations

5DRACULAIn Tuvalu cardholders go back for a blood count? (7)
Hidden word backwards
7ALLOWAdmit everyone to central Iowa (5)
everyone = ALL, central Iowa = OW
9BAGELSPut gutted eel in flexible containers with crusty rolls (6)
gutted eel = EL, flexible containers = BAGS
10BOUNDARYReorganise around by the edge (8)
Anagram of AROUND BY
11PERSISTENTIt presents difficulty being relentless (10)
Anagram of IT PRESENTS
13ONYXGem activated unknowns (4)
Activated = ON, unknowns (in maths) = Y and X
14DETERMINATIONPut off, I'm going back to country settlement (13)
Put off = DETER, I'm going back = MI, country = NATION
17HA-HAIf it's funny it's not peculiar (2-2)
Cryptic definition
19ON THE TABLENegotiable, like my dinner to begin with (2,3,5)
Double definition
21TORE INTOHit violently, taking control in toto (4,4)
control = REIN inside TOTO
22PLUG INConnect up or swig back at home (4,2)
swig = GULP, at home = IN
23ENSUEDecapitated chaps take legal action to follow (5)
Decapitated chaps = M/EN, take legal action = SUE
24SORCERYCivil engineer invested in pitiful black art (7)
Civil engineer = CE inside SORRY ("pitiful")
1CARESSA touch of love scares management (6)
Anagram of SCARES
2SUDSHe-men lack time for froth (4)
He-men = STUDS minus T ("time")
3BALUSTRADEAbsurd tale about Bannister (10)
Anagram of ABSURD TALE
4GLADIOLIProud that I mixed oil for the bloomers (8)
Pleased = GLAD + I + anagram of OIL
5DEAD ENDThere is no way through a study to replace person in demand (4,3)
a study = A DEN replaces MAN ("person") in DEMAND
6ABBREVIATIONSDodgy brains obviate words being shortened (13)
8WORRYQuarrel arises on line causing headache (5)
Quarrel = ROW, arises = reversal indicator, line = RY
12SURROUNDEDSound ruder when agitated, becoming hemmed in (10)
Anagram of SOUND RUDER
15TRAVERSECome across art turning on poetry (8)
art turning = TRA, poetry = VERSE
16NULLIFYCancel fully in confusion (7)
Anagram of FULLY IN
18ABOVEGraduate returns with nothing against England occupying a higher place (5)
Graduate = BA, returns = reversal indicator, nothing = O, against = V, England = E
20AMULETMetal structure includes uranium. It works like a charm (6)
Anagram of METAL including U ("uranium")
22POREFocus one's attention on a tiny hole (4)
Double definition