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Crossword 1158 answers and explanations

1WHISTLEDIssued tweets from the wilds? Mad! (8)
Anagram of THE WILDS
5DRAWERPay-back for a cartoonist (6)
Pay = REWARD, back = reversal indicator
10EDGESAdvances stealthily, lopping tops off bordering bushes (5)
bordering bushes = HEDGES
11HARPOONEDMarx, an individual beginning to deflate when cruelly punctured (9)
Marx = HARPO, an individual = ONE, beginning to deflate = D
12LONGITUDETo indulge idly is one indication of position (9)
Anagram of TO INDULGE
13THYMEA herb for flavouring your old meat when half-gone (5)
your old = THY, meat when half-gone = ME
14FRIGHTFigurehead leads the conservative side: panic! (6)
Figurehead = F, the conservative side = RIGHT
15DAMAGEDDyke got old, not as good as new (7)
Dyke = DAM, got old = AGED
18DOLPHINTrudge back to hospital with trendy swimmer (7)
Trudge = PLOD, back = reversal indicator, hospital = H, trendy = IN
20TWENTYTatty exterior, went inside, made a score (6)
Tatty exterior = TY around WENT
22AZTECHeads for Arctic zone, taking extra care of old American (5)
24RING A BELLLearn glib trick to appear a little familiar (4,1,4)
Anagram of LEARN GLIB
25CARDBOARDDirectors of Visa are not very lifelike in performance (9)
Directors = BOARD, Visa = CARD
26UNIONKind of jack that is standard for Britain's workers as a group (5)
Reference to the UNION jack
27DREARYIt is dismal and arid around Listener (6)
arid = DRY, Listener = EAR
28INVEIGLEDevious lie given as sweet talk say (8)
Anagram of LIE GIVEN
1WEEKLYLike the Listener's delivery: with little enthusiasm for an audience (6)
Homophone for WEAKLY ("with little enthusiasm")
2IN GENERALTypically voguish officer in the army (2,7)
voguish = IN, officer in the army = GENERAL
3TOSSING THE CABERRebuilding tea chests: boring Scottish competition (7,3,5)
4EXHAUSTAll run out as terrible hex cast on trans-Tasman rivals (7)
Anagram of HEX + trans-Tasman rivals = AUST
6ROOM TEMPERATURERomeo, a trumpeter in disguise, is pleasantly warm (4,11)
7WINDYLike Wellington with many twists and turns (5)
Double definition
8REDHEADSCommunist leaders like Elizabeth I (8)
Communist = RED, leaders = HEADS
9FRIENDBestie fired mistakenly when touring pole (6)
Anagram of FRIED going around ("touring" = container indicator) POLE = N
16GATHERINGGetting it together in dishevelled night gear (9)
Anagram of NIGHT GEAR
17ADVANCEDA DVD about terrible acne at a high level (8)
Anagram of ACNE inside A DVD
19NORWAYKingdom with Republican leader in denial (6)
Republican leader = R, denial = NO WAY
20TUNED INAdjusted the radio to receive melody and cacophony (5,2)
melody = TUNE, cacophony = DIN
21PLUNGEHave breather during exercise then take to the pool (6)
breather = LUNG inside exercise = PE
23THREEThere, milling around, is a crowd (5)
Anagram of THERE