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Crossword 1159 answers and explanations


1HEARDPicked up source of energy in solid (5)
source of energy = E, solid = HARD
4ASTOUNDEDOdd Austen novel was amazing (9)
Anagram of ODD AUSTEN
9TUSSOCKGrass of a sort in US stock exchange (7)
Anagram ("exchange") of US STOCK
10MATTERSConcerns start me off (7)
Anagram of START ME
11HOMESTEADThe same do is different in a farmhouse (9)
Anagram of THE SAME DO
12RIDGETop of the range card game lacks opener (5)
card game = BRIDGE
13LED UPGradually started a new sort of lamp overhead (3,2)
new sort of lamp = LED, overhead = UP
15OUTGOINGSExtroverted son incurs expenses (9)
Extroverted = OUTGOING, son = S
17BRAIN CELLSupporter jailed apparently with a very little bit of thought (5,4)
Supporter = BRA, jailed apparently = IN CELL
19TIDALThere is darkness and light initially where the ocean goes in and out (5)
Acrostic of There Is Darkness And Light
21INCURBecome liable for clubs in terrible ruin (5)
clubs = C inside anagram of RUIN
22MEASURINGAscertaining the size of geraniums for a change (9)
Anagram of GERANIUMS
25ALARMEDA Labour leader, prepared for war, rattled (7)
A Labour leader = AL, prepared for war = ARMED
26AMPLIFYA politician I fly out to produce a greater volume (7)
A politician = A MP + anagram ("out") of I FLY
27EXPECTANTAnticipate worker is going to deliver (9)
Anticipate = EXPECT, worker = ANT
28RIGIDInflexible and cold if figurehead is in front (5)
cold = FRIGID
1HUTCHShack church used as housing for a bunny (5)
Shack = HUT, church = CH
2ASSUMEDIt is accepted Medusa's make-up slipped (7)
Anagram of MEDUSAS
3DROSSBeginning to doubt Antarctic ice shelf is worthless stuff (5)
Beginning to doubt = D, Antarctic ice shelf = ROSS
4ANKLEBONELab keen on corruption, offering support for joint (9)
Anagram of LAB KEEN ON
5TIMIDFainthearted and something of a victim, I determine (5)
Hidden word
6UTTERMOSTSay more than the others, being extreme (9)
Say = UTTER, more then the others = MOST
7DRESDENHealth worker needs recreation in Germany (7)
Health worker = DR + anagram ("recreation") of NEEDS
8DISPERSALPraise LSD. Arrange for widespread dissemination (9)
Anagram of PRAISE LSD
13LUBRICATEIt could be a bit cruel to use grease (9)
Anagram of A BIT CRUEL
14PANORAMICTaking a broad view, philosopher's beginning with cooked macaroni (9)
philosopher's beginning = P + anagram ("cooked") of MACARONI
16TOLD APARTDistinguished men leave apartment messy accommodating veteran (4,5)
Anagram of APPART ("men leave apartment") including OLD ("veteran")
18ARC LAMPA very bright light with a radical holding device (3,4)
a radical = AR, holding device = CLAMP
20DRIVINGRiding off about five or taking the car (7)
Anagram of RIDING including V ("five")
22MEDIAI made trouble for broadcasters (5)
Anagram of I MADE
23UPPERMore elevated meal served topless (5)
meal = SUPPER
24GUYEDFawkes and Hillary ridiculed (5)
Fawkes = GUY, Hillary = ED