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Crossword 1160 answers and explanations

1BESIDESExist with teams as well (7)
Exist = BE, teams = SIDES
5DITCHDrop someone in a canal (5)
Double definiion
8BLURBSmear British leader in promotional statement (5)
lack of focus =BLUR, bishop = B
11ABOUT TIMEA diary note for a boxing match? It should have happened sooner (5,4)
a boxing match = A BOUT, diary note = TIME
12ABSOLVINGSeamen loving liquid are showing mercy (9)
Seamen = ABS + anagram of LOVING
13OWNERShe has a certain thing, new or damaged (5)
Anagram of NEW OR
14LASTSFinal Soviet leader endures (5)
Final = LAST, Soviet leader = L
15AFFRONTInsult a female breast (7)
a female = AF, breast = FRONT
16FIG LEAFA means of concealment used by agile characters in noisy surroundings (3,4)
Anagram of AGILE inside FF (noisy)
19ADOLESCENTSYounger folk see Scotland collapsing (11)
21CAPITAL LETTERA Wellington landlord is a leading character (7,6)
Double definiion
24DOINGAnimal eating at home and cleaning up (5)
Animal = DOG, eating = container indicator, at home = IN
26AS YETThus far from a reinterpretation of Yeats (2,3)
Anagram of YEATS
28ENTERTAINMENTInternet meant collapse in show business (13)
32MOTOR MOWERSGarden tools troubling me tomorrow and Sunday (5,6)
Anagram of ME TOMORROW + Sunday = S
35TIME'S UPEmus rotting in dump, no longer allowed (5,2)
anagram EMUS inside TIP
37NOT HALFHot flan cooked to a large extent (3,4)
Anagram of HOT FLAN
38THUMBA digital means of getting a free ride (5)
Double definiition
40EAGERKeen to have the Queen around a long time (5)
the Queen = ER, a long time = AGE
42VERTEBRAEBones reverberated uncannily after communist departed (9)
Anagram of REVEBERATED minus RED ("communiist")
43COASTWISEGlide along knowing and following the shore (9)
Glide along = COAST, knowing = WISE
44RIDESNewlyweds beginning to go on fairground attractions (5)
Newlyweds = BRIDES
45DATESEscorts lay out promotional notice back to front (5)
lay out = SET, promotional notice = AD, back to front = revberal indicator
46SINGERSChoirboys slightly burn rissoles on the outside (7)
slightly burn = SINGE, risssoles on the ourtside = RS
1BEAT OFFAppear as an upper-class man of means to drive back an attacker (4,3)
Appear as = BE, an upper class man of means = A TOFF
2SWOONFaint poles at each end of court (5)
poles = S N, court = WOO
3DETERGENTDiscourage chap making a dishwasher (9)
Discourage = DETER, chap = GENT
4/22/39SPILL THE BEANSBad split enables husband, being included, to reveal all (5,3,5)
Anagram of SPLIT ENABLES including H ("husband")
5DEEP SPACEHurry up and step into the region of the stars (4,5)
Hurry = SPEED, up = reversal indicator, step = PACE
6TRANSPORTStart porn production to enthral (9)
Anagram of START PORN
7HOSTAGEPrisoner stirs the sago (7)
Anagram of THE SAGO
8BALD-FACEDShameless and beardless (4-5)
Double definiion
9UNICORNA Parisian icon is about right for a creature of the imagination (7)
A Parisian = UN + ICON including ("about") right = R
10BEGATBrought forth a child, the result of a wager about Georgia (5)
wager = BET, Georgia = GA
17GYPSYA traveller involved in dodgy psychic demonstrations? (5)
Hidden word
18FALSEFleas jumping? Wrong (5)
Anagram of FLEAS
20SIGHTA sense of location you say? (5)
Homophone for SITE ("location")
21CLAIMAssert mollusc has eaten one (5)
mollusc = CLAM, one = I
22 See 4 (3)
Anagram of TAROS
23ROASTThe way to cook taros? (5)
one = I, the Maori = TE,manuscript = MS
25ITEMSArticles with one leading the Maori manuscript (5)
Anagream of HATER SENT
27THREATENSHater sent off with menaces (9)
Cash dispenser = ATM, kauri perhaps = TREE, new = N, technology leader = T
29TREATMENTCash dispenser in kauri perhaps by new technology leader shows particular care (9)
note = RE, origins = SOURCES
30RESOURCESFunds of note with origins (9)
Feeling less = NUMBER, profit = NET, turning up = reversal indciator
31NUMBER TENFeeling less with profit turning up from prime London address (6,3)
Anagram of DO UTTER
33TUTOREDDo utter rubbish as coached (7)
Anagram of OR EFFED
34OFFEREDPopped the question or effed off (7)
The Spanish = EL, quarrel = SCRAP, over = reversal indiicator
36PARCELSThe Spanish in quarrel over making bundles (7)
not odd = EVEN, going up = reversal indicator, right = R
37NEVERIt's not odd going up, right? Not at all (5)
I would = iD, endless delight = GLE
39 See 4 (5)
41GLIDESoar, I would, in endless delight (5)