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Crossword 1161 answers and explanations

4FAUNAThe Animals note French article and English one (5)
note = FA, French article = UN, English one = A
6CLOBBERYour clothes for a bash? (7)
Double definition
8PREDATORA crocodile, for example, can produce tear-drop (8)
Anagram of TEAR DROP
9CRISPYCredit one person of intelligence with being tempting when it comes to the crunch (6)
Credit =CR, one = I, person of intelligence = SPY
10PIRATEPolitical leader I judge to be criminal (6)
Politial leader = P, I judge = I RATE
11STALKEDHaunted bridge player spilt the beans (7)
bridge player = S, spilt the beans = TALKED
12SESSIONSchool head is involved in rackets backed in sitting of parliament (7)
School head = S, rackets = NOISES, back = reversal indicator
14EPITAPHMemorial shows he comes back eating pocket bread quietly (7)
he comes back = EH, eating = containment indicator, pocket bread = PITA
18DEAD SETDetermined to form a clique of ghosts (4,3)
clique = SET, ghosts = DEAD
20NURSEDSome French manage to come back having been taken care of (6)
Some French = DES, manage = RUN, to come back = reversal indicator
22MARINARiver enters ocean by a boat harbour (6)
River = R, ocean = MAIN + A
23RAINCOATSort of Croatian Big Mac? (8)
Anagram of CROATIAN
24TANNERYPrincess goes in to attempt building a leather factory (7)
Princess = ANNE, attempt = TRY
25SALVEPut little tip in to economise with ointment (5)
little tip = L, economise with = SAV
1TUNDRATurn crank onto physician with a plain cold? No, a cold plain (6)
Turn = reversal indicator, crank = NUT, physician = DR, with A
2GOTCHACaught you out there! Obtained tea (6)
Obtained = GOT, tea = CHA
3TRIPODSupport a journey by old Penny (6)
journey = TRIP, old = O, Penny = D
4FORGIVEPardon courage at regular intervals in basketball team (7)
courage at regular intervals = ORG, basketball team = FIVE
5ART DECOA style of design some worrywart deconstructed (3,4)
Hidden word
6CORPSEA body provides firm with odd letters in riposte (6)
firm = CO, odd letters in riposte = RPSE
7BRISKETCut degree of peril in wager (7)
degree of peril = RISK, wager = BET
13STATIONStanding in the terminal (7)
Double definition
15PENNIESA small price to pay for a lousy nine EPs (7)
Anagram of NINE EPS
16PRELATESenior cleric before and after the due time (7)
before = PRE, after the due time = LATE
17STURDYStrongly built and right into learning (6)
right = R, learning = STUDY
18DEARTHA shortage of woven thread (6)
Anagram of THREAD
19SCALEDClimbed like a lizard (6)
Double definition
21RECALLHark back to telephone once more (6)
Double definitio