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Crossword 1162 answers and explanations

5DONNAA lady when in Rome and on transfer (5)
Anagram of AND ON
6PAMPHLETOld speedometer reading in plate prepared for a small publication (8)
MPH inside anagram of PLATE
9CAPRICEA whimsical impulse about damage (7)
about = CA, damage = PRICE
10ROUTINERegroup or unite for the usual round of activities (7)
Anagram of OR UNITE
11DECLARETell the customs officer that you have dutiable goods cleared in error (7)
Anagram of CLEARED
12PRIMERSElementary schoolbooks showing the first dabs of paint on the wall (7)
Double definition
13SUPERVISINGBeing bossy, stir singers up about six (11)
Anagram of SINGERS UP including VI ("six")
18MANKINDHuman beings go crazy about new family (7)
crazy = MAD, new = N, family = KIN
20OLD HANDA veteran, Donald, dementedly takes heroin (3,4)
Anagram of DONALD including H ("heroin")
22STRETCHGet an extension to the sentence (7)
Double definition
24ENTHUSEWax lyrical with tunes he composed (7)
Anagram of TUNES HE
25WONDROUSIt is fantastic: succeeded by doctor, nothing to you and me (8)
succeeded = WON, doctor = DR, nothing = O, you and me = US
26GATESStage new entrances (5)
Anagram of STAG
1INSPECTSWhat the auditor does as bugs keep quiet (8)
bugs = INSECTS, keep = containment indicator, quiet = P
2PATINAPaint a different coat on the old copper (6)
Anagram of PAINT A
3EMIRRuler writes sound correspondence in uprising (4)
sound correspondence = RIME, uprising = reversal indicator
4RECITETell about location for building, say (6)
about = RE, location for building = SITE, say = homophone indicator
5DECODEInterpret a style of design popular in the 30s from Parisian (6)
style of design popular in the 30s - DECO, from Parisian = DE
9PREFERREDFavoured being quietly brought up (9)
quietly = P, brought up = REFERRED
7HOUDINII undo knot in greeting the escape artist (7)
Anagram of I UNDO inside HI ("greeting")
8VERSESome lovers enjoy a bit of poetry (5)
Hidden word
12PRISONERSInmates iron (press) to appear reformed (9)
Anagram of IRON PRESS
14POINTEDDirected to be sharp (7)
Double definition
15GRADUATEA bachelor from the university can be forced to eat a drug (8)
Anagram of EAT A DRUG
16AMUSEDivert a rodent lacking love (5)
rodent = MOUSE, love = O (tennis)
17ADIEUSCommercial, that is us, for good buys you might say (6)
Commercial = AD, that is = IE + US
19NARROWContract to make nuclear missile (6)
nuclear = N, missile = ARROW
21DOTAGEFunction, thanks to genetic engineering, in second childhood (6)
Function = DO, thanks = TA, genetic engineering = GE
23HOOFIt will hit the ground running with a head start and almost 12 inches coming up (4)
head start = H, almost 12 inches = FOO, coming up = reversal indicato