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Crossword 1163 answers and explanations

6SEAWARDMostly see prize going to the ocean (7)
Mostly see = SE, prize = AWARD
7PREPAREArrange to shave in advance (7)
shave = PARE
9STEELSnip, say, with sword (5)
Snip = STEAL (as in bargain), say = homophone indicator
10OVERDRAFTDrove with difficulty in front of flat-bottomed craft to gain a little flotation off the bank (9)
Anagram of DROVE + flat-bottomed crafft = RAFT
11EQUITYFairness makes egghead give up before journey's end (6)
egghead = E, give up = QUIT, journey's end = Y
13NOWHEREAt present present although completely lost (7)
At present = NOW, present = HERE
15OPPORTUNITIESPetitions pour out for singular knockers (13)
19PALETTEFather allowed the Maori show a range of colours (7)
Father = PA. allowed = LET, the Maori = TE
20LITTERBedding for some young creatures (6)
Double definition
23NASTINESSA bit of a gymnast in essence shows a spiteful nature (9)
Hidden word
24FUNDSFinance entertainment by CIB officer (5)
entertainment = FUN, CIB officer = DS (detective sergeant)
26REELECTReturn again and gyrate etc badly (7)
gyrate = REEL + anagram of ETC
27RECORDSBad directors lose it in the accounts (7)
Anagram of DIRECTORS minus letters in IT
1BALEMake a bundle here supplying bottle opener with beer (4)
bottle opener = B, beer = ALE
2HAMLETBad actor permitted play (6)
Bad actor = HAM, permitted = PLAY
3IDIOTA bit of a kid I otherwise see being of limited intelligence (5)
Hidden word
4READY WITA good joker on standby with repartee (5,3)
A good joker = WIT, on standby = READY
5MANAGEMENTName tag men screwed up to show control (10)
Anagram of NAME TAG MEN
6SISTERPeople of intelligence with short term relationship (6)
People of intelligence = SIS, short term = TER
7PREGNANTParent drunk, holding gin, empty, and about to take on parenthood again (8)
Anagram of PARENT including GN ("gin empty")
8EITHERHere it is confused by one thing or the other (6)
Anagram of HERE IT
12UNPOLISHEDUse dolphin crudely, being rough (10)
Anagram of USE DOLPHIN
14STEEPESTStart to sell casual shirt to nuisance, making it most expensive (8)
Start to sell = S, casual shirt = TEE, nuisance = PEST
16OUTSIDERDetour is confusing a stranger (8)
Anagram of DETOUR IS
17OPENERThe batsman needed with a can (6)
Double definition
18CRISISCredit is given twice in an emergency (6)
Credit = CR, is given twice = ISIS
21INFECTContaminate a fmall creature with fix legf? (6)
Punny play on insect
22USURYThere is a great deal of interest involved curiously when Clio leaves (5)
Anagram of CURIOUSLY minus letters in CLIO
25NEROAncient musician, generous at heart (4)
Hidden word