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Crossword 1164 answers and explanations

1BEMUSEDiscombobulate and personify the source of an artist's inspiration (6)
personify = BE, the source of an artist's inspiration = MUSE
4GAUNTLETMother's sister at fifty goes inside to obtain cover close at hand (8)
Mother's sister = AUNT, fifty = L, inside GET (to obtain)
9PRIVETQuietly fix the hedge (6)
Quietly = P, fix = RIVET
10PRESENCEPress conference lacks heart and soul of one departed? (8)
PRESS CONFERENCE minus central 8 letters
12INTERNAL AFFAIRSComposed fanfares in trial for government department (8,7)
13TERSEConcise part of the Harry Potter series (5)
Hidden word
15RAMP UPBolster made from sheep and dog (4,2)
sheep = RAM, dog = PUP
19WHIMSYMy wish is perverted, acting more from caprice than from judgment (6)
Anagram of MY WISH
20EDICTParamedic takes part in a binding order (5)
Hidden word
23PERSONAL EFFECTSThe ways someone influences others with little bits of private property (8,7)
Double definition
26MIDNIGHTZero time hiding unsuccessfully in Montana (8)
Anagram of HIDING inside MT
27MALAWIRepublic established by an act of parliament in 1001 (6)
an act of parliament = A LAW, 1001 = MI
28NOSINESSOne's sins involved excessive curiosity (8)
Anagram of ONES SINS
29SEA DOGA sail setter? (3,3)
Setter = DOG
1BAPTISTSGood person to take a pew with father and bishop: flipping evangelical Protestants (8)
Good person = ST take a pew = SIT, father = PA, Bishop = B, flipping = reversal indicator
2MOISTUREDampness makes extra grab bedraggled suit (8)
extra = MORE including anagram of SUIT
3SWEARUse a naughty word to make a solemn promise (5)
Double definition
5AORTAA blood vessel beginning to act with central importance (5)
beginning to act = A, central importance = ORTA
6NOSE FLUTEUse Teflon creatively as an instrument (4,5)
Anagram of USE TEFLON
7LENTILMade an advance on the Italian to get a pulse (6)
Made an advance = LENT, the Italian = IL
8THEISMReligious belief hits me badly (6)
Anagram of HITS ME
11BAY RUMRub yam by mistake for aftershave (3,3)
Anagram of RUB YAM
14ETHIOPIANAfrican piano composition follows the unusual one (9)
Anagram of PIANO after anagram of THE
16MAYHEMAllowed to go over border causing havoc (6)
Allowed = MAY, border = HEM
17PILCHARDCut up solid sort of sardine (8)
Cut = CLIP, up = reversal indicator, solid = HARD
18STASHINGHastings problem with what a hoarder is doing (8)
Anagram of HASTINGS
21APE-MENTarzan types have the last word about exercise (3-3)
last word = AMEN, exercise = PE
22TRADESLong angry speeches have lost one deals (6)
Long angry speeches = TIRADES
24ASHESShe's a stranger in the trees (5)
Anagram of SHES A
25FRAMEGet right inside celebrity support structure (5)
right = R, celebrity = FAME