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Crossword 1165 answers and explanations

1LET DOWNPermit some little feathers to disappoint (3,4)
permit = LET, little feathers = DOWN
5TAHITIThanks to popular piece of music I get a tropical island (6)
Thanks = TA, an immensely popular piece of music = HIT + I
9CHUCKLEDitch love heartlessly for a bit of a laugh (7)
Ditch = CHUCK, love heartlessly = LE
10FITTESTExperiment with having tantrum beforehand. It's most healthy (7)
Experiment = TEST, tantrum = FIT
12CHARMLESSCreative beginner, innocuous yet unpleasant (9)
Creative beginner = C, innocuous = HARMLESS
13UNITA single comes back in platinum (4)
Hidden word backwards
14COMMACharlie takes a little ammunition back to make a mark (5)
Charlie = C, a little ammunition = AMMO, back = reversal indicator,
15OVERHAULPass for repair … (8)
Double definition
17INDENTED… ordered with scallops (8)
Double definition
19PASTEStepped noisily in the glue (5)
Homophone for PACED
21ENIDI go in to finish Ms Blyton (4)
I inside END ("finish")
22LITTERINGSilly title precedes gang producing new-sprung mongrels (9)
Anagram of TITLE + gang = RING
24PRIMATEHigh priest is a handy beast (7)
Double definition
25WINDSORA house of distinction but not a home, in words meant to be confused (7)
Anagram of IN WORDS
26MICKEYSound amplifier essential for Disney production (6)
Sound amplifier = MIC, essential = KEY (as in key staff)
27SMUGGLEHow one might shirk one's duty (7)
Cryptic definition
2ETHICA system of principles used in the thick of it (5)
Hidden word
3DECLAIMRecite dramatically a medical error (7)
Anagram of MEDICAL
4WELL-MEANTWe tell man off, showing good intentions (4-5)
Anagram of WE TELL MAN
6ARIESI sear cooking the All-Stars' mutton (5)
Anagram of I SEAR
7IN TOUCHMaintaining contact though not in play (2,5)
Double definition
8INSTITUTEEstablish a college (9)
Double definition
11RECONDITEDirect one to become abstruse (9)
Anagram of DIRECT ONE
14CONUNDRUMFirm sister beat a cryptic clue (9)
Firm = CO, sister = NUN, beat = DRUM
16EUPHEMISMI use hemp rolled by maiden: a nice way to present it (9)
Anagram of I USE HEMP + maiden = M
18ENDEMICNative English beginning to devour mince, minced (7)
English = E, beginning to devour = D with anagram of MINCE
20SHINDIGA party featuring perverted hidings (7)
Anagram of HIDINGS
22LITHEIlluminated, that bloke appears to be supple (5)
Illuninated = LIT, that bloke = HE
23GHOULEvil spirit as extracted from boiling goulash (5)
Anagram of GOULASH minus AS