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Crossword 1166 answers and explanations

5SOMEHOWPig eats home out in an unspecified manner (7)
Anagram of HOME inside SOW ("Pig")
7CENSORPros, necessarily, have partly to forbid coming back (6)
Hidden word backwards
8LOOSENBehold nose being broken and relax (6)
Behold = LO + anagram of NOSE
9NAILINGPoliceman in the end with crook making an arrest (7)
Policeman in the end = N, crook = AILING
10REMINDERA memo about the baby sitter (8)
about = RE, babysitter = MINDER
11ANTHERTwo articles by raw beginner specifying a bit of a reproductive organ (6)
Two articles = AN and THE, raw beginner = R
12IMAGINEFancy me? I gain reform (7)
Anagram of ME I GAIN
15CONSUMETot gets stuck into icecream container to eat (7)
Tot = SUM, icecream container = CONE
18HIJACKUse a machete around central Fiji and take it by force (6)
Use a machete = HACK, central Fiji = IJ
20LITERARYI try real composition being poetic perhaps (8)
Anagram of I TRY REAL
23LEAP DAYNovel pay deal at the end of February (4,3)
Anagram of PAY DEAL + Y ("end of February")
24REGIONChanges in Gore area (6)
Anagram of IN GORE
25ANCHORMoor with some franc horrified (6)
Hidden word
26RESPECTObedience instilled by head of police in secret corruption (7)
head of police = P inside anagram of SECRET
1SMASHINGSplendid activity for a vandal (8)
Double definition
2PHONEDMade a call to sharpen up during periodic detention (6)
sharpen up = HONE, periodic detention = PD
3INDICTImpeach partly out of vindictiveness (6)
Hidden word
4LONG-TERMMad mongrel holds steak bone almost permanently (4-4)
Anagram of mongrel, hold = containment indicator, steak bone = T
5SPOKETalked like a bit of a big wheel (5)
Double definition
6WINTRYCold victory with five points for the ABs (6)
victory = WIN, five points in rugby = TRY
7CHICAGOCity firm engages hag, about 99 (7)
firm = CO containing HAG containing IC ("99" in crosswording)
13MAINLANDSouth Island mother, not at the seaside (8)
mother = MA, not at the seaside = INLAND
14NAKEDERNeed ark rebuilt, being more exposed (7)
Anagram of NEED ARK
16SHRUGGEDShowed indifference yet rushed around in disarray to grab horse (8)
Anagram of RUSHED including GG ("horse")
17PLAYERQuiet chook for member of the team (6)
Quiet = P, chook = LAYER
19APACHENative American goes quickly around hotel (6)
quickly = APACE, hotel = H
21THRUSHBird appears via American state highway (6)
via American = THRU, state highway = SH
22ROOSTSo upset having rubbish around: settle down (5)
So upset = OS, rubbish = ROT