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Crossword 1167 answers and explanations

5INFURIATEDressed with animal product one consumed with anger (9)
Dressed with = IN, animal product = FUR, one = I, consumed = ATE
8GRASPGas is about right – quietly now – clutch! (5)
right = R inside GAS + quietly = P (music)
10CROPSCredit military manoeuvres for shortcuts? (5)
Credit = CR, millitary manoeuvires = OPS
11ECONOMICSOne comic's version of financial management (9)
Anagram of ONE COMICS
12PERSUADEDPerused ad, stupidly found it convincing (9)
Anagram of PERUSED AD
13ÉTUDEA short composition, duet perhaps, by Egyptian (5)
Anagram of DUET + Egyptian = E
14EXCRETEEliminate former Greek island? (7)
former = EX, Greek island = CRETE
17ROCKETSYou can make missiles with the right socket set (7)
right = R + anagram ("set") of SOCKET
20CELLOPart in parcel looks as if it needs a bow (5)
Hidden word
22EXTENSIVEStevie Nix unusually lost one before exclusive opening, making it big (9)
Anagram of STEVIE NIX minus I ("one') plus E ("exclusive opening')
25FINANCIEREnthusiast takes in a banker (9)
Enthusiast = FANCIER including IN
26TOASTHow to salute celebrity (5)
Double definition
27SIEGEA blockade of, for instance, England is reversed (5)
for instance = EG, England = E + IS, backwards
28ENDANGERSObject annoys and threatens (9)
Object = END, annoys = ANGERS
1DISCIPLESelf-control missing in a follower (8)
Self-control = DISCIPLINE
2PRESSURESqueeze topless dress inside virginal packaging (8)
topless dress = RESS inside virginal = PURE
3RECORDERNote provider and one to take notes (8)
Double definition
4LATITUDEFreedom of choice has a parallel in mapping (8)
Double definition
6FLOORA blemish, I'm told, is trodden underfoot (5)
Homophone for FLAW ("blemish")
7AMENDThen have PM begin to rectify (5)
AM = morning, END
8GROVEForgive mistakenly if eliminated from small forestry investment (5)
Anagram of FORGIVE minus letters in IF
9PASSÉIt leaves pasties cooked but out of fashion (5)
Anagram ("cooked") of PASTIES minus letters in IT
15CYLINDEREnd lyric composition with a drum (8)
Anagram of END LYRIC
16EYELINERCosmetic used by looker on cruise ship (8)
looker = EYE, cruise ship = LINER
18CONSTANTGood person inside, cannot change and not going to change (8)
Good person = ST inside anagram of CANNOT
19SWEETESTSinger's beginning little trial to reveal the most melliflous (8)
Singer's beginning = S, little = WEE, trial = TEST
20CAFESSuppliers of food and beverages made of calcium, iron and sulphur (5)
calcium = CA, iron = FE, sulphur = S
21OUNCEShow resilience when beheaded, gaining little weight (5)
Show resilience = BOUNCE
23TIREDTried crook when knackered (5)
Anagram of TRIED
24IMAGEWith a certain amount of acclaim, a general develops a public profile (5)
Hidden word