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Crossword 1168 answers and explanations


1BOFFINSScientists set off in rubbish containers (7)
OFF inside BINS ("rubbish containers")
5HANOVERTransfer property but no diamonds in German city (7)
diamonds = D removed from HANDOVER ("transfer property'")
9SKIDSSlides for small children (5)
Small = S, children = KIDS
10OUTSTRIPSDoes much better than exposes psychedelic experiences (9)
exposes = OUTS, psychedelic experiences = TRIPS
11INTENSEWhere the campers are said to be rather extreme (7)
12RAPHAELPopular rhythmic chants heal horrible old master (7)
Populer rhythmic chants = RAP + anagram of HEAL
13TARRYStick around like pitch (5)
Double definition
15FIREPLACECosy niche for fellow I fill in for (9)
fellow = F + I + REPLACE ("fill in for")
18UNDESIREDIs endured with difficulty, being objectionable (9)
Anagram of IS ENDURED
19RISKSTakes a chance to give Romeo a kinky kiss (5)
Romeo = R + anagram of KISS
21INSTEADStained, sullied? On the contrary! (7)
Anagram of STAINED
24ERRATICMr Idle holds traitor to be unreliable (7)
Mr Idle = ERIC, traitor = RAT
26INUNDATEDOverwhelmed, one holy sister went steady with someone (9)
one = I, holy sister = NUN, went steady with someone = DATED
27STARRFamous drummer amongst the first arrivals (5)
Hidden word
28EMBRYOSMake fertilised eggs by Morse code (7)
anagram of BY MORSE
29DISUSEDAntiquated penny issued in error (7)
penny = D + anagram of ISSUED
1BASSISTOne of the musicians giving band leader help (7)
bank leader = B, help = ASSIST
2FRITTEREDBattered and dissipated? (9)
Double definition
3IBSENA playwright returns in someone's bifocals (5)
Hidden word backwards
4SPOKEN FOREngaged, having employed an interpreter? (6,3)
Double definition
5HATEROne who loathes putting crown on the Queen (5)
crown = HAT, the Queen = ER
6NOTEPAPERYou can write on this unlike an internet news site (9)
Charade: NOT E-PAPER
7VOILAThere you are with fuel in Virginia (5)
Diesel fuel = OIL, Virginia = VA
8RESOLVEReach a firm decision to figure out the answer again (7)
Double definition
14YESTERDAYCertainly ate dry ingredients in the past (9)
Certainly = YES + anagram of ATE DRY (anagram indicator = ingredients).
16REDHEADEDHe dreaded cooking ginger (9)
Anagram of HE DREADED
17ALSATIANSAssailant damaged some French people (9)
Anagram of ASSAILANT
18UTILISEThe Italian is in a little truck put into service (7)
The Italian = IL + IS inside UTE ("little truck")
20SECUREDRescued, sorted and stoppered (7)
Anagram of RESCUED
22SQUABYoung bird starts to sleep quietly under a blanket (5)
First letters ("starts") of Sleep Quietly Under A Blanket
23DATESThe fruit at times of an affectionate relationship (5)
Triple definition
25RUSESDeceptive manoeuvres revealed in my guru's essays (5)
Hidden word