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Crossword 1169 answers and explanations

1NOTIONA vague idea for a one-off? (6)
"Not one on"
4BUFFETStrike by the snack bar (6)
Double definition
8EXPOUNDDescribe at length the value of two dollars in 1967? (7)
One pound became two dollars in NZ with the decimalisation of currency in 1967
9NARRATETell a story, arrant nonsense, by Oriental (7)
Anagram of ARRANT + E ("Oriental")
11SUPERSEDESpeeders madly going around bend succeed (9)
Anagram of SPEEDERS including U ("bend")
12OPENWhat one must do to a fire to begin shooting? (4)
Reference to "open fire"
13TORCHTake rubbish back to church, set fire to it (5)
Rubbish = ROT, back = reversal indicator, church = CH
14LINGERIELeering rudely about one in intimate apparel (8)
Anagram of LEERING including I ("one")
16TERRAPINPartner and I combined first ingredient in recipe for turtle soup (8)
Anagram of PARTNER + I
18MERITThere is some virtue to be found coming back from retirement (5)
Hidden word backwards
20ARTSTechniques used in heart surgery (4)
Hidden word
21UNWITTINGNot aware it is held by twisting wing nut (9)
IT inside anagram of WING NUT
23ASCETICSpartan leaders of a strict curriculum encompassing temperance, instilling courage (7)
Acrostic: first letters ("leaders") of "A Strict Curriculum Encompassing ..."
24ADDED UPBadly duped following commercial that was logical (5,2)
Anagram of DUPED after commercial = AD.
25SELLERRetailer announces wine store (6)
Homophone: wine store = cellar
26TSETSEFly set off repeatedly (6)
Anagram of SET twic
1NEXUSOld flame in sunrise forms a connection (5)
Old flame = EX, sunrise (down clue) = NUS
2TROUPERPure rot represented by an actor (7)
Anagram of PURE ROT
3OWNERSHIPSwipe horn, changing possession (9)
Anagram of SWIPE HORN
5USAGEThe customary practice in America: get older (5)
America = USA, get older = AGE
6FORGONEGiven up getting on in the smithy (7)
ON inside FORGE ("smithy")
7TO THE HILTHit the lot all over the place completely (2,3,4)
Anagram of HIT THE LOT
10WELL-KNOWNFamous source of water at present in the outskirts of Kingston (4-5)
source of water = WELL, at present = NOW inside KN ("the outskirts of Kingston")
13THEORISTSIdeologues resist hot stew (9)
Anagram of RESIST HOT
15NEMATODESDemons eat deformed roundworms (9)
Anagram of DEMONS EAT
17RUSSELLSteal cattle, so I hear, in Northland (7)
Homophone: steal cattle = RUSTLE
19RAIMENTTime ran out for fancy clothing (7)
Anagram of TIME RAN
21UNITETune I composed: "Join Together" (5)
Anagram of TUNE I
22GAUZELook around youth centre for bandage (5)
Look = GAZE, youth centre =