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Crossword 1170 answers and explanations

5TABLEPresent a bill or pill to the French (5)
pill = TAB, the French = LE
6SYNDROMEStart to see medic in money difficulty revealing a whole set of symptoms (8)
Start to see = S, medic = DR inside anagram ("difficulty") of MONEY
8IMPOSTERA pseud can make more tips (8)
Anagram of MORE TIPS
9BAFFLEConfuse with a light barrier (6)
Double definition
10STYMIEI set my pieces to obstruct (6)
Anagram of I SET MY
12TWISTERSSwindlers get the wind up (8)
Double definition
13POLYPSSloppy work with small growths (6)
Anagram of SLOPPY + S ("small")
14STEAMYErotic players in the outskirts of Sydney (6)
players = TEAM, outskirts of Sydney = SY
17CAMBODIAHelp old boy, Scotsman, go back to country (8)
Help = AID, old boy = OB, Scotsman = MAC, go back = reversal indicator
19DESPOTTyrant decapitates journalist on return (6)
decapitates = TOPS, journalist = ED, in return = reversal indicator
21DIWALIFestival has one in a wild whirl (6)
One = I inside an anagram of A WILD
22LEFTMOSTThe most socialistic position is abandoned by the majority (8)
abandoned = LEFT, the majority = MOST
24REPEALEDCancelled then rang again (8)
Double definition
25SALESCommandos capture the French for gross revenues (5)
Commandos = SAS, the French = L
1ABNORMALSeaman on average is exceptional (8)
Seaman = AB, average = NORMAL
2NEXTTen out with ten in to follow (4)
Anagram of TEN including X ("ten")
3INEBRIATEDBe daintier when drunk? (10)
Anagram of BE DAINTIER
4PROFITIn favour of healthy gain (6)
In favour of = PRO, healthy = FIT
5TEMPTLure casual worker to team leader (5)
casual worker = temp, team leader = T
6STRUTSThey provide support for swaggers? (6)
Double definition
7MALARKYAn early riser in my embrace? That's nonsense (7)
A LARK ("an early riser") inside MY
11ESPADRILLELad replies mysteriously offering sole protection (10)
Anagram of LAD REPLIES
13PRALINESort of plainer confection (7)
Anagram of PLAINER
15ASSEMBLESee lambs butchered and get it together (8)
Anagram of SEE LAMBS
16LADLEDBoy went ahead and poured the soup (6)
Boy = LAD, went ahead = LED
18BEAKERBill with little hesitation provides a vessel (6)
Bill = BEAK, little hesitation = ER
20OASISDuck a sibling in a lake surrounded by desert (5)
Duck = O (cricket), a sibling = A SIS
23FUSEPut you and me in iron, melt and mix (4)
you and me = US inside iron = F