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Crossword 1171 answers and explanations

4BLEATSound like a kid put the French into bat (5)
the French = LE inside BAT
6INSPECTORNicer post arranged for a police officer (9)
Anagram of NICER POST
10LUGGAGETrunk of a horse coming back in molten glue (7)
a horse = A GG inside anagram of GLUE
11RAILINGComplaining bitterly at bar (7)
Double definition
12HERMITAGELegacy includes my beginning a retreat (9)
Legacy = HERITAGE, my beginning = M
13SMITEImpose a heavy blow with a variety of items (5)
Anagram of ITEMS
14ENRAGEDFurious printers measure newspaper leader writer (7)
printers measure (note punctuation may be misleading), newspaper = RAG, leader writer = ED
17THOUGHTEven if time is short, attention is required here (7)
Even if = THOUGH, time is short = T
20BLOATLearner in vessel is swell (5)
Learner = L, vessel = BOAT
22NIGHTMAREHenry appears in garment I tailored, a frightful sight (9)
Henry = H inside anagram of GARMENT I
25SIDEARMWeapon is over-expensive ["2013"] millions (7)
is over = SI, expensive = DEAR, millions = M
26LOITERSLounges left by untidy Tories (7)
left = L + anagram of TORIES
27CHRONICLEClone rich characters, make the paper (9)
Anagram of CLONE RICH
28HAD ONWore being hoaxed (3,2)
Double definitio
1MERGERUnion formed by some former Germans (6)
Hidden words
2CINEMA"The Last Word", the second half of epic, returns to the screen (6)
The last word = AMEN, second half of EPIC = CI, returns = reversal indicator
3REMISSDelinquent about to shoot aimlessly (6)
about = RE, shoot aimlessly = MISS
4BOLSHIEStroppy loafer turns up with greeting and enthusiasm initially (7)
Loafer = SLOB, turns up = reversal indicator, male = HE, including ("detaining") one = I
5TRADINGDarting around doing business (7)
Anagram of DARTING
7SURFEITFit user out with an overabundance (7)
Anagram of FIR USER
8TAILINGStart to talk poorly being a follower (7)
Start to talk = T, poorly = AILING
9ROGUEA knave with a nasty urge to embrace love (5)
Anagram of URGE including O ("love")
15REORDERCommunist caviar is taken back after the middle of March so request more (7)
Communist = RED, caviar = ROE, taken back = reversal indicator, middle of March = R
16DYNAMICCandy I'm cooking to be full of energy (7)
Anagram of CANDY IM
18OSTRICHPlume used on hat in historic reconstruction, one I cut (7)
Anagram of HISTORIC minus one I
19TREASONBetrayal by corrupt senator (7)
Anagram of SENATOR
20BASICABC is stupidly elementary (5)
Anagram of ABC IS
21TRAINSMeans of transport for schools (6)
Double definition
23GOLFERWhip again, upset someone with a handicap (6)
Whip again = RE-FLOG, upset = reversal indicator
24AMENDSMakes corrections as afternoon begins (6)
Charade: morning (AM) ENDS as afternoon (PM) begin