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Crossword 1172 answers and explanations

1BARNACLEBe carnal, kinky, forming a close attachment (8)
Anagram of BE CARNAL
5STIR UPWhat the agitators do excited purist (4,2)
Anagram of PURIST
10OPULENTWork with unlet structure and make it luxurious (7)
Work = OP + anagram of UNLET
11SCANDALA skeleton in the closet and cocaine in shoe (7)
cocaine = C inside SANDAL ("shoe")
12OMEGAThe ultimate in income gaps (5)
Hidden word
13HEAD STARTAn advantage to begin with for the principal's fancy woman? (4,5)
principal's = HEADS, fancy woman = TART
14TREADMILLDisturbing dream ["2013"] getting in to cultivate the soil ["2013"] is daily drudgery (9)
Anagram of DREAM inside TILL ("cultivate the soil")
17CLIMBAdvance to 151 with medical degree (5)
151 = CLI (Roman), medical degree = MB
18INTERJune to September going topless then lay to rest (5)
June to September = WINTER
19MEDICINALThis is claimed in error to be curative (9)
Anagram of CLAIMED IN
21STABLEBOYGroom steady youngster (9)
Anagram of STEADY + BOY ("youngster")
24ACCRAAn African city with a bit of a maniac (crackers) (5)
Hidden word
26DECIMALMedical error of fractional significance (7)
Anagram of MEDICAL
27UNIFIESMakes one use if in trouble (7)
Anagram of USE IF IN
28RESENTBegrudge having mailed twice (6)
Double definition
29WELLBORNCracked bell worn on the outside with a silver spoon (8)
Anagram of BELL inside WOR
1BLOW-OUTWithdraw holding end of wheel from a sudden puncture (4-3)
Withdraw = BOW OUT including L ("end of wheel")
2ROUSEWake for union leader in red (5)
union leader = U, red = ROSE
3ALEXANDERHe was great with beer at times and the Queen (9)
beer = ALE, times = X (multiplication symbol) + AND ER ("the Queen")
4LATCHSome little devil at church makes a bolt for the door (5)
Hidden word
6TEARSPlucks with shows of emotion (5)
Double definition
7RADIATIONHelp turnover in allowance of electromagnetic waves (9)
Help = AID, turnover = reversal indicator, thus DIA inside RATION ("allowance")
8PULL-TABTall order in bar: a built-in can opener (4-3)
Anagram of TALL inside PUB ("bar")
9ASSAILEDBeast of burden got sick when attacked (8)
Beast of burden = ASS, got sick = AILED
15ENTRANCESRenascent work by the Doors? (9)
Anagram of RENASCENT
16IMMOBILEI am on phone fast (8)
I am = IM, phone = MOBILE
17COCKATIELSick (cocktail includes ecstasy) as a parrot (9)
Anagram of COCKTAIL including E ("ecstasy")
18INSIDERSomebody with privileged information from the pub with scrumpy you say? (7)
Homphone: pub = INN, scrumpy = CIDER
20LIAISONAfrican leader is eaten by a big cat forming a rather intimate relationship (7)
African leader is = A IS inside LION ("big cat")
22LEMONThe colour of a crummy car (5)
Double definition
23YOU'REOne is, if I were you, reforming euro after day's end (5)
Anagram of EURO after Y ("day's end")
25CAIROCity atmosphere in firm (5)
atmosphere = AIR inside firm = C