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Crossword 1173 answers and explanations

1PAROLERelease from prison into a job as a personal assistant (6)
personal assistant = PA, job = ROLE
4BARTERTrade with Turkish leader is more exposed outside (6)
Turkish leader = T inside BARER ("more exposed")
8STAYContinue as support (4)
Double definition
9WINDOW PANEWe pin down a specially made sheet of glass (6,4)
Anagram of WE PIN DOWN A
11BORNEOIsland tolerated love (6)
Tolerated = BORNE, love = O
12REINED INCrazy denier at home is to be restrained (6,2)
Anagram of DENIER + at home = IN
13EXPENSEA sum disbursed in former small coins I'm told (7)
former = EX, small coins = PENCE, I'm told = homophone indicator
15SPRIGA little branch gives small sort of grip on the ground (5)
Double definition
16PARISForeign capital used in Wairarapa rises (5)
Hidden word
18EQUATORA route arranged to take Quaker leader in a great circle (7)
Anagram of A ROUTE including Quaker leader = Q
21FEMINISTIron little skirts on Tuesday for a women's rights advocate (8)
Iron = FE, little skirts = MINIS, Tuesday = T
22DICKEYUnreliable drunk in charge with former PM (6)
drunk in charge = DIC, former PM = KEY
24SIDE EFFECTBreathe sadly before fault announced, an incidental result (4,6)
Breathe sadly = SIGH, fault = DEFECT, announced = homophone indicator
25WOESWorkmates, a bit heartless, provoke miseries (4)
WORKMATES minus central ("heart") letters
26MITREDGiven top hat in church with German communist (6)
with German = MIT, communist = RED
27ADORESCommercial rose ordered for loves (6)
Commercial = AD + anagram ("ordered") of ROS
1POTHOLEThe pool unexpectedly appearing in the road? (7)
Anagram of THE POOL
2RAYONSynthetic oxygen in woven yarn (5)
Oxygen = O inside anagram ("woven") of YARN
3LOWBORNLook brown, sadly, and of inferior breeding (7)
Look = LO + anagram of BROWN
5AGONIESThe sufferings of some paragon I esteemed (7)
Hidden word
6TOP-SECRETClassified in respect to disorder (3-6)
Anagram of RESPECT TO
7RANKINGManaged man on board by giving order (7)
Managed = RAN, man on board = KING (chess reference)
10NERVE CENTREThe letter R in a specialised part of the brain? (5,6)
Double definition
14PERTINENTCop ending internet recoding to be relevant (9)
Cop ending = P + anagram of INTERNET
16PREMIUMImpure compound made first showing superior quality (7)
Anagram of IMPURE + made first = M
17SNIFFLEPoles provided Florida with English complaint: a sign of cold (7)
Poles = SN, provided = IF, Florida = FL, English = E
19UPDATEDDud tape thrown out and replaced with something more modern (7)
Anagram pof DUD TAPE
20REEFERSSmoking jackets? (7)
Double definition
23COWERCringe seeing jersey for example on the Queen (5)
jersey perhaps = COW, the Queen = E