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Crossword 1174 answers and explanations

5SEXTANTSociety still in existence is instrumental in celestial navigation (7)
Society = S, still in existence = EXTANT
7AGILEHave part of the cruciate ligament put back to become nimble (5)
Hidden word
8GATEAUEntrance a union leader with a cake (6)
Entrance = GATE, a union leader = AU
9ANACONDAA North American prisoner with District Attorney, a cold blooded South American strangler (8)
A North American prisoner = A NA CON, District Attorney = DA
10HIT IT OFFBash one upper-class gent to quickly establish a good relationship (3,2,3)
Bash = HIT, one = I, upper class gent = TOFF
11IMPARTConvey knowledge through pixie painting (6)
pixie = IMP, painting = ART
13FLEETake flight from endless fast (4)
fast = FLEET
14NICHEA small bay in wall of hospital in city on the Riviera (5)
hospital = H, city on the Riviera = NICE
15GIFTPresent provided in great surroundings (4)
provided = IF, great surroundings (outer letters) = GT
17ARCTICNarcotic, removing nitrogen and oxygen, is so very cool (6)
NARCOTIC minus N and O
19IMMATUREThe kind of attitude kids invariably have that could make Mum irate (8)
Anagram of MUM IRATE
21RABBIT ONSpiritual leader not going back to prattle (6,2)
Spiritual leader = RABBI, not going back = TON
23NORDICTangled in cord from Sweden (6)
Anagram of IN CORD
24LEASERental for an inexperienced driver? Simplicity itself (5)
inexperienced driver = L, Simplicity itself = EASE
25LECTERNLabour leader before recent change produces support for the speaker (7)
Labour leader = L + anagram of RECEN
1EXPERIMENTTry out some sort of extreme pain without American capital (10)
anagram of EXTREME PAIN minus A ("American capital")
2CARUSOAutomobile ["2013"] American ["2013"] with nothing for the tenor (6)
Automobile = CAR, American = US, nothing = O
3CIAOAmerican spies love to say goodbye in Italy (4)
American spies = CIA, love = O
4GENDERFinish in Germany shortly showing a sexual preference (6)
Finish = END, Germany shortly = GER
5SPATIALA petty quarrel, one with Mr Pacino, related to three dimensions (7)
A petty quarrel = SPAT, one = I, Mr Pacino = AL
6TRAFFIC SIGNALFirst Inca flag replaced a red light (7,6)
7AVARICEAn insatiable desire for wealth and caviare for a change (7)
Anagram of CAVIARE
12PAGE-TURNERA gripping work of assistance to a musician (4-6)
Double definition
14NECKTIEAn item of clothing made for the old school, perhaps, by Nike, etc. (7)
Anagram of NIKE ETC
16FOREIGNTurning over of monarchy is not a local custom (7)
Turning over of = FO, monarchy = REIGN
18REALLYIn truth it's concerning friend (6)
about = RE, friend = ALLY.
20MUNICHA city one enters to ruminate (6)
one = I, ruminate = MUNCH
22BEADThe bottom of the sea bears a pearl pierced for threading (4)
The bottom of the sea = BED, bears a = insert