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Crossword 1146 answers and explanations

5STALLConk out in the exhibition stand (5)
Double definition
6ADHERENTSHe is into commercial leases for followers (9)
HE between ("into") commercial = AD, leases = RENTS
9RUN OVERDog eats article in France like road kill? (3,4)
Dog = ROVER, article in France = UN
10COCKPITPlace in the aircraft for flyer with depression (7)
flyer = COCK, depression = PIT
11WHOLEMEALBread that makes an entire nosh-up (9)
Double definition
13EXTOLFormer spouse with a great deal in return for praise (5)
Former spouse = EX, a great deal = LOT
14AUDITORListener accountant (7)
Double definition
16DRIFTERVagrant put foot into laundry machine (7)
foot = FT, laundry machine = DRIER
18SCRUBClean out the manuka and gorse (5)
Double definition
20LIFEGUARDOne who makes savings, going swimmingly (9)
Cryptic definition
23APPOINTGive someone a task and a quiet place to do it (7)
a quiet = AP, place to do it = POINT
24RESHOOTRubbish about shoe being redesigned for the second take (7)
Rubbish = ROT including anagram of SHOE
26EARTHWORMTunneller's mother: war criminal (9)
Anagram of MOTHER WAR
27OVERSLove and endless poetry in parts of the play (5)
Love = O, endless poetry = VERS
1MAIN ROADA mad iron structure for the highway (4,4)
Anagram of A MAD IRON
2SLAVPole perhaps the bondsman cut off (4)
bondsman = SLAVE, cut off = deletion indicator
3SHACKLEDRestrained ["2013"] very basic ["2013"] house with modern lighting (8)
very basic house = SHACK, modern lighting = LED
4INKPOTA bottle on the writer's desk making a sort of point about ruler (6)
Anagram of POINT including K ("ruler")
5STRAWPale yellow excrescences show up (5)
excrescences = WARTS, show up = reversal indicator
6AGREEBe in accord with an environmentalist lacking finish (5)
an environmentalist = A GREEN
7ROCKETINGPopular music for example about unlimited stink is rapidly climbing the charts (9)
Popular music = ROCK, for exampe = EG including TIN ("unlimited stink")
8SETTLERPioneer crossword compiler, about fifty (7)
crossword compiler = SETTER, fifty = L
12ESTABLISHFound his table's not right (9)
Anagram of HIS TABLES
14ASSUAGERelieve pain with cooked sausage (7)
Anagram of SAUSAGE
15RELATIONMonkey with oriental uncle perhaps (8)
Anagram of ORIENTAL
17TEA TOWELSpill latte, woe! Get something to wipe it up (3,5)
Anagram of LATTE WOE
19RUPERTHe has right to erupt surprisingly (6)
right = R + amagram of ERUPT
21FORUMDebating chamber or class around university (5)
class = FORM, university = U
22DOTESShows excessive affection, being close to death to some extent when turning up (5)
Hidden word backwards
25SLOTThe place to insert change: lots! (4)
Anagram of LOTS