Crossword 1000 answers and explanations

by David Tossman / 29 October, 2016
Crossword 1000 solution Crossword 1000 solution

A slippage in my date calculations means that the slight theme here is a little previous: I had expected that this puzzle would appear in the issue dated November 5. Oh well, the old Guy Fawkes celebrations have now been overshadowed by Halloween, a commercially more attractive event, so GUNPOWDER, TREASON and PLOT might soon carry no significance at all for most New Zealanders.

A number of people have congratulated me on achieving the kilo with this puzzle (thanks Rex, Barrie, Pamela, Roger, Steve), but as an achievement it is insignificant. My predecessor, RWH, composed close to 3000 puzzles before retiring, and she and I, and I'd think every other crossword maker in the world are the merest midgets beside Roger Squires – Rufus in the Guardian – who has published some 70,000 crosswords in total and more than two million clues! I've got a way to go.

In the meantime I am more than flattered by the prominence my little milestone has been given in the magazine and particularly by the additional work Barrie Graham, a most assiduous and helpful checker, put into his letter on the subject.
 Across  Answers and Clues Explanations
  Old trumpeters (one imagines) cooked most ham after start of meal (8) Anagram of MOST HAM, start of meal = M
  Intrinsically copper and sulphur turned back into ash (2,4) copper = CU, sulphur = S, turned back = reversal indicator, inside ASH
10 STAID  
  Stuck around, so they say, being decorous (5) Homophone for STAYED
  Grow up, end making stuff that goes bang (9) Anagram of GROW UP END
  Underrated it by mistake. It's really reliable (5,3,4) Anagram of UNDERRATED IT
  It will provide great warmth if borne with difficulty (7) Anagram of IF BORNE
16 LET IT GO  
  Forbear making bird in child's construction set (3,2,2) bird = TIT, child's construction set = LEGO
  Rimu perhaps chopped by a child showing disloyalty (7) Kauri perhaps chopped = TRE, a boy = A SON
  Set off with former tramp before end of June (7) former = EX, tramp = PLOD, end of June = E
  A declaration turning into a fiction (12) Anagram of INTO A FICTION
  All but two of the cricketers make 180 (9) Cricket team is 11 so all but two = NINE, make = SCORE
26 IDEAL  
  One bargain is perfect (5) One = I, bargain = DEAL
  Silent sort is to join Army perhaps (6) Anagram of SILENT
  Terrible angst with worker becoming stale (8) Anagram of ANGST + worker = ANT.
 Down  Answers and Clues Explanations
1 MASH  
  Pulverise mother's heroin (4) mother's = MAS, heroin = H
2 MOAN  
  Bloke in love? On the contrary, so indicate your displeasure (4) Bloke = MAN, love = O
  The Queen has soldier madly running around getting attendants (9) The Queen = ER inside anagram of SOLDIER
  Henry eyeing unusual sanitary arrangement (7) Henry = H + anagram of EYEING
  Foil some drowsiness in retrospect (5) Hidden word backwards
  Bad odours tend to be accepted (10) Anagram of ODOURS TEND
  Poor rower hopes for applied energy (10) Anagram of ROWER HOPES
  Local drunk, taking last of gin, is available for work if requested (2,4) Anagram of LOCAL including last of gin = N
  Tenancies arranged to accommodate bachelor showing self-denial (10) Anagram of TENANCIES including B (bachelor)
  Playing international match at home with almost the entirety of the guts (10) Playing international match = IN TEST, at home = IN, almost the entirety AL
  Ignite pot by accident when trying to be quiet (9) Anagram of IGNITE POT
  Tortilla chips provided on cash settlement (6) Anagram of ON CASH
  Plead for some left-of-centre attention (7) Hidden word
22 FUSES  
  Some of us espied devices for setting off explosions (5) Hidden word
23 BETA  
  Take a punt on a letter from Athens (4) Take a punt = BET + A
24 PLOT.  
  Aviator drops one in bed (4) Aviator = PILOT, drops one = remove I.


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