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Inside North & South's new issue: Why millennials aren’t leaving home

North & South's November 2019 issue is on sale at newsstands now. Buy a copy at Countdown supermarkets before 10 November and you could win a share of $20,000 in cash prizes.

Why millennials aren’t leaving home

By Sharon Stephenson

Families dish the dirt on how the new trend of “parental co-habitation” is working out.

Who pays the piper?

By Donna Chisholm

Two great science thinkers on the high cost of human ingenuity – and what it means for our future.

People are strange

By Lisa Scott

A blow-in from the city charts the weirdness and wonders of small-town life.

A dirty rotten scandal

By Mike White

New Zealand’s leaky homes problem is much larger than anyone has admitted – and it’s not over yet.

Dreaming beyond the horizon

By Joanna Wane

Retracing the great Polynesian migration

Jill Abigail

By Yvonne van Dongen

An 80-year-old feminist fights back after her Green Party magazine post is branded “transphobic” and “hate speech”. 

Gone to the dogs’ park

By Mike White

Walkies... on the joys of owning a dog, and the precious spaces where they can run free.

Across the whited fields

By Jillian Sullivan

Remembering Polly – and the innocents set down amongst us.


Bevan Rapson on the youth vote. 

Nerd Nation

Media junkie Jenny Nicholls’ confessional. 


Michelle Langstone’s naked truth. 


Phil Gifford on John Fogerty’s revival and Waiata Anthems. 

New Zealand Books

Someone’s Wife, Rugby Folklore and more. 

International Books

Edward Snowden, Malcolm Gladwell and fab new fiction. 

Film & Television

A racetrack triumph, a Waiheke noir, Madam Secretary and Photograph.

Book Special

A New Zealand atlas with a difference.


The best of what’s on in November. 

A Kind of Magic

How illustrator Bonnie Brown’s doodling became a business. 

The Watchtower

Māori bridging the gap on biosecurity. 

The Fine Print

Inside Manapōuri’s cool little bookshop. 

Life after Death

Celebrating artist Louise Henderson.

Nice Perch

A city gallery for corporates and creatives.

My Space

Blacksmith Solomon Marshall. 

Family Ties

The fashion designer and the filmmaker. 


Simon Farrell-Green and Jean Teng taste-test the best of the Kiwi peanut butters. 


Jenny Nicholls tours the sculpture parks.