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Three killings, two generations, one family, no justice

What's inside North & South's July issue?

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Mike White's three-year investigation into a world of guns, gangs and grief is our cover story for July, on sale June 10.

Three killings, no justice
By Mike White

A family has lost three of their men to shootings. Adding to their grief, no one has been convicted for their deaths.

New Zealand’s bitter pill
by Donna Chisholm

Kiwis harmed by substandard healthcare aren’t getting justice through the complaints system.

A beautiful mind
By Fergus Riley

Fergus Riley has uncovered important life lessons caring for his father, who has Alzheimer’s.

Guiding principal
By Poppie Johnson

The road has been rocky but rewarding for New Zealand’s head mountain guide Jane Morris.

How to frighten a millennial
By Graham Adams

Will expanding “hate speech” laws come back to bite us?

World famous in Wairoa
By Joanna Wane

Hip-hop duo Rugged and Wylde are breaking down barriers and making music in Wairoa.

For the record
Entomologists salute Des Helmore’s scientific “bug” drawings.

Reframing the view
Pioneering Kiwi art photographers tell their powerful story.

Away with the birds
Auckland graphic designer Glenn Jones turns his lens on nature. 

My Space
A Wellington garage holds John Pace’s motorbike collection. 

Anna Valentine’s cooking school brings the world’s cuisine to Kāeo.

James W. Barnes drives a house-bus from Motueka to Tūātapere.

Michelle Langstone on being injured and feeling guilty. 

Ray Prebble takes on the “that” and “which” challenge. 

Bevan Rapson tackles political biffo. 

Nerd Nation
Violence made us good, Jenny Nicholls discovers. 

Phil Gifford says it’s Fleetwood Mac’s turn for a movie. 

Film & Television
Bill Nighy in word-scoring form, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Cold War, and a musical romp. 

New Zealand Books
Kiwis at war, in love during war, and living boldly in Australia.

International Books
A history of the space race, life behind the lines in Palestine and Syria, and more. 

Children’s Books
Cool new books for Kiwi kids.